Anse Couchon

While visiting Anse Couchon, beachgoers can enjoy some underwater sightseeing at the beach's shallow reef, which is home to an array of fascinating sea life. Visitors will doubtlessly fall in love with the exotic and picturesque shores of this romantic getaway. If you so choose, water sports equipment, including kayaks and snorkeling gear is available to rent from the Ti Kaye resort, even if you're not staying there.

Set in Ti Kaye, Anse Couchon is on the West edge of Saint Lucia. You should consider dropping by regardless of whether you're staying in the immediate vicinity. Anse Couchon is a distinguishable relaxation spot because it's one of the best spots for escaping over-crowded hangouts in the town proper. Other nearby beaches on St. Lucia may have the same pleasing, tropical setting as Anse Couchon, but tend to be more crowded because they're right around the corner from the area's major hotels and resorts.

How to Access The Beach
If you're coming from Castries, take la Toc Rd south and to the coast. It will take you beyond the town of Anse La Raye. Eventually you'll see the Brigand Hill Estate after which you'll take you're next your next right onto a side road which heads toward the coast. This will lead you down to Anse Cochon.

Amenities and Ambiance

The shores of Anse Couchon beach are covered with rich black volcanic sand, and edge the peaceful aquamarine waters of the Caribbean. The beach is 200 meters long and the jungle undergrowth it lies in front of adds a mystic quality. The tranquil waters create excellent swimming and snorkeling conditions.

You'll also discover that there is a restaurant on the shore worth trying. There are so many dining experiences to be enjoyed on St. Lucia, but having a meal on the beach can be especially memorable. Ask your hotel about picnic lunches, as some hotels offer to pack snacks for their guests' day trips. Otherwise, you could easily grab some of St. Lucia's famous street food along the way.

There is also a concession stand available. If available, you could also try local specialties from one of the local vendors who are typically found at this location.

Unfortunately, restrooms will not be available here, so those of you traveling with small children may want to consider another spot. Fortunately, umbrellas and chairs will be available for use to guests seeking some respite from the sun. You'll find the waters off-shore to be fit for snorkeling, so grab some gear if you want to check out what lies beneath the surface. Beachgoers will discover that the Anse Couchon is a peaceful little getaway spot, perfect for some rest and relaxation.

What's Nearby


Visitors will find this beach on St. Lucia's West coast. Fort Charlotte is situated five and a half miles to the northeast, and it is one of the attractions in the region.

Museums and beaches may seem an odd combination to some, but a quite a few vacationers find that museums like Le Pavillion Royal Museum (found within the range of a cab) offer an entertaining diversion and help visitors understand St. Lucia's interesting past.

Beaches are one type of attraction you can visit, but there will be more options available on St. Lucia. The table below lists other attractions that are nearby.

Activities and Attractions Near Anse Couchon
Attraction Type Distance Direction Island
Fort Charlotte Historical Site 5.5 NE Saint Lucia
Morne Coubaril Estate Zip Line Site 5.5 S Saint Lucia
St. Lucia Zip Lining Zip Line Site 5.5 S Saint Lucia
Alcina Nolley Art Gallery 5.7 NE Saint Lucia
Soufriere Marine Management Area Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 5.7 S Saint Lucia

Cities and Towns

Anse Couchon is in the Anse La Raye area, so touring the city could be a fun side-trip after visiting the beach. Anse Couchon guests looking for further attractions might think about checking out Anse La Raye, which is not far away and is a particularly bustling part of St. Lucia.


How many other people you encounter at Anse Couchon will depend on how many hotel guests decide to make the trip as well. There aren't many major hotels nearby, but you may meet visitors from some of the smaller accommodations in the area.

Those hoping to find a place to stay near Anse Couchon won't find it that tough, as there are lots of resorts and hotels to pick from nearby. Find the closest, most convenient lodging options by looking over what's listed in the table below.

Accommodations near Anse Couchon
Hotel Distance Direction Type
Ti Kaye Village 0.0 mi. SSW Hotel
Inn on the Bay 3.2 mi. NE Hotel
Capella Marigot Bay 3.4 mi. NE Resort
JJ's Paradise Resort 3.6 mi. NE Hotel
Crystals 4.1 mi. S Cottages
La Haut Plantation 4.4 mi. S B & B
Jade Mountain Resort 4.5 mi. S Resort
Anse Chastanet Resort 4.5 mi. SSW Resort
The Still Beach House 4.7 mi. S Guest house
Hummingbird Beach Resort 4.7 mi. S Resort


If you're feeling hungry for a midday meal, this beach has many nearby restaurants, so you won't have to wander too far from these sands. Kai Manje is one of the closest eateries. This restaurant serves both Creole and Fusion cuisines. When you start to get hungry, you won't need to wait too long to eat as it's just a short distance away.

Nearby restaurant options are shown below.

Restaurants near Anse Couchon
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Style Distance Direction
Kai Manje (758) 456-8101 Creole, Fusion Fine Dining 0.0 mi. SSW
Ti Manje (758) 456-8101 Creole, International Informal 0.0 mi. SW
Bennie's Tropical Dream Bar & Restaurant -- -- -- 1.7 mi. NE
Delice Restaurant (758) 459-7008 Creole, French Informal 3.2 mi. S
Rusty Anchor -- -- -- 3.4 mi. NE
5 O'Clock Somewhere Cafe -- -- -- 3.4 mi. NE
Bayside Cafe (758) 458-5300 American Very Casual 3.4 mi. NE
The Grill at 14*61 (758) 458-5300 International Informal 3.4 mi. NE
Julietta's Restaurant & Bar (758) 458-3224 Caribbean Very Casual 3.5 mi. NE
Doolittle's (758) 451-4974 Caribbean Informal 3.5 mi. NE
Marigot Bay Yacht Club (758) 451-4974 Eclectic Informal 3.5 mi. NE
Rainforest Hideaway (758) 451-4485 Continental Fine Dining 3.6 mi. NE

Other Beaches

There are other beaches on Saint Lucia you might like besides Anse Couchon.

Another option worth considering is Marigot Bay, which is an additional nearby St. Lucia destination. The picturesque cove at Marigot Bay is paradise with an intimate setting of calm blue waters and swaying palms overshadowed by the background of St. Lucia's majestic peaks.

Perhaps Anse Couchon is the most convenient coastline for you to visit, but some travelers itch to explore more; in which case you should keep looking for a beach or natural attraction that suits your vacation style.


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