St. Lucia Attractions

Exotic black sand beaches and sugar sand shores are just a small part of St. Lucia's appeal

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With some of the most stunningly beautiful tropical scenery in the world, St. Lucia's topography and exotic ecosystem captivates vacationers and attracts many visitors to the island each year.

The coastal features of this Eastern Caribbean island boast a variety of breathtaking black sand beaches, as well as pristine white sand beaches. And although there are no casinos located on St. Lucia at the moment, vacationers will soon be able to enjoy the glitz and excitement of casino gambling while visiting the island.


Marigot Bay

You'll find an abundance of beaches to choose from on the island. Regardless of whether you'd rather be part of a busy beach scene, or you'd rather find a more secluded spot, you can find what you want. Just click on the name of each beach for a detailed guide to that specific beach.

A nice beach where you can go snorkeling is Marigot Bay. With many docks, boaters will have an easy time arriving here; but if you're coming on land, take La Toc Rd south from Castries. After doing some serious road-winding, take a right on Waterfront, just before the Marigot Secondary School.

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Another place that beach-goers can consider is Reduit Beach. There are lots of activities that vacationers can enjoy while on Reduit Beach. With an assortment of water sports available including snorkelling, scuba diving and sailing you can spend a day in the sun; if you just feel like being pampered, try a spa treatment, or guided tour for your beach excursion.

Jalouise: This beautiful beach can only be reached one of two ways -- either through the Jalousie Hilton Resort, or by boat. Those not staying at the resort are still welcomed, however.

These examples are just a few of your choices. If you'd like to dig deeper, you can find out more by following this link.

Landmark Attractions

Fort Rodney

One popular destination is St. Lucia Folk Research Centre. It is found in North Castries, St. Lucia. The St. Lucia Folk Research Centre features exhibits that represent the daily lives of the native people of the island of St. Lucia. Additionally, the research center includes a library with an extensive collection of books, articles, and other text related to the people and culture of St. Lucia; videos of cultural events; and images that span several decades.

Another landmark that often intrigues visitors is Le Pavillion Royal Museum. It is located in Castries, St. Lucia. With a focus on the Government House of St. Lucia, the museum details the affairs the building and the governor Governor-General, and the role they have played on St. Lucia history. As the representative of the Monarch, the Governor-General has been the day to day manager of St. Lucia since 1627, and you can bet in the nearly four centuries that the office has played a role.

Walcott House: The childhood home of Nobel Laureate Sir Derek Walcott, stands for those who wish to visit. The Saint Lucia National Trust keep it open in hopes of facilitating a space for education and inspiration.

That's not all -- you'll find additional choices as well. Those wanting to get more details concerning other interesting places to visit on St. Lucia on this page.

Natural Attractions

Pigeon Island National Landmark

One of the worthwhile natural attractions is Pigeon Island National Landmark. Once called the Pigeon Island National Park, this area of St. Lucia has now been dubbed the Pigeon Island National Landmark, and is considered to be one of the most important showings of island history, culture, and nature. Formerly the site of a British Garrison, this park is now a historical park and nature center, with restaurants, community events, and the still standing forts.

Sulphur Springs Park is another local attraction you might like. One of the island's most famous natural attractions, the sulfur springs draws in over 200 thousand visitors each year. This 46-hectare park boasts a combination of geological features including the Caribbean’s only “drive-in volcano”, world-class interpretation center and two hot water bathing pools.

St. Lucia includes a wider range of choices. Those wanting to find out more about natural attractions on the island, can easily do so by clicking on this link.


St. Lucia Casinos

Travelers do not generally stay on St. Lucia to gamble, although there is one option, Treasure Bay Casino. <p>Amass a treasure of your own at Treasure Bay Casino on St. Lucia. With 250 slot machines and a number of table games, along with the opportunity to join the Player's Club, the opportunities for big wins are endless.</p>

Other Attractions

Diamond Falls Mineral Baths

Moreover, visitors can enjoy a couple of other attractions. Other miscellaneous attractions on St. Lucia are listed right below.

Other Attractions On St. Lucia
Name Type Location
Diamond Falls Mineral Baths Mineral Bath 0.9 mi. East of Central downtown Soufriere
New Jerusalem Mineral Baths Mineral Bath 1.8 mi. East of Central downtown Soufriere

From the calming beaches and the peaceful nature reserves to the awe-inspiring landmarks and the thrilling casino, St. Lucia's attractions are varied enough that every vacationer will find excitement and enjoyment in the exploration of the island. Bring your camera, because you won't want to miss capturing a single moment of what is sure to be the most memorable vacation of your life.


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