Renting a Bike or Scooter on St. Lucia

Adventurous travelers can trek the mountains of St. Lucia by bicycle

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Bikes, mopeds, and scooters are popular modes of transit on many Caribbean islands, but on St. Lucia's hilly terrain, they are better suited to adventure seeking. The island's scenic and beautiful mountains turn striking out on two wheels into a labor of love.

While bicycles and mopeds can be rented individually, they are most often rented as part of a tour or other adventure program. Bike tours can be popular amongst vacationers looking for an active way to spend a day exploring the island, and a few guided bike tours exist on the island. These tours often include transportation from your hotel or cruise ship to the starting point of the tour, equipment rental, and sometimes even food or beverages if your tour overlaps a mealtime. The tours might stick to popular destinations in the city, or venture out into the jungle to educate you on local flora and fauna. In contrast, Some locales have set up biking courses with varying degrees of difficulty, so you feel as though you're out on your own, but have some semblance of guidance.

If you're an active adventurer and want to strike out on your own, you'll find winding paths through many mountainous areas that are mainly meant for hiking, but can be uses by mountain bikers as well -- just make sure you keep an eye out for those on foot. Travelers will find the best mountain biking near Soufrière and Anse Chastanet, depending on whether they are in the northern or southern portions of St. Lucia.

The Options


Mountain bike rentals may run as low as $25(USD) per day, but usually cost more than $30(USD) for two hours, $49(USD) for a half-day, and $69(USD) for a full day of biking. You may also have to put down a deposit, which is usually around $100(USD). Bike rentals are sometimes included in your stay at all-inclusive resorts.

If you are intrigued by the idea of feeling the wind on your face as you move along, you will find 5 rental agencies that can help.

If you're ready to go riding, you might want to check with Scottie's Scooter Rentals. Operated on a daily basis by the owner, Carson Zellner, Scotties Scooter Rentals offers a small selection of scooters and motorcycles for tourists who want to do a little something different as they explore St. Lucia. They are situated in Marisule, in northern St. Lucia.

Another option is Pirate Rentals. Pirate Rentals is a full service scooter rental and repair shop, specializing mainly in the maintenance of scooters for locals who own them to get around on a daily basis. You can still pick up a scooter for a few hours or days with them, and they even offer guided tours. They can be reached at (758) 724-5111.

A third good option is Bike St. Lucia. After a guided orientation ride, bicyclists are left to their own devices. This exploratory bike trail features local ruins, adding a bit of history to your day. found in western St. Lucia. They're

The chart directly below provides you with more details regarding the 5 rental agencies we are aware of.

Bike and Moped Rental On St. Lucia
Name Phone Location
Bicycle World (758) 459-0754 1.4 mi. Northeast of Central Castries
Bike St. Lucia (758) 459-7755 1.6 mi. Northwest of Central downtown Soufriere
Pirate Rentals (758) 724-5111 Rodney Bay, Northern part of St. Lucia
Scottie's Scooter Rentals (758) 450-1404 3.2 mi. North-Northeast of Central Castries
The Bicycle Zone (758) 454-9561 Downtown Vieux Fort

If you've got the urge to zip around St. Lucia on a scooter or moped as your primary means of transportation, it is possible, though not recommended. The hilly terrain makes the use of a scooter a difficult feat and tourists who insist on using scooters are often seen struggling through the varied terrain, sometimes finding it less time consuming to get off and push their scooters for a few feet. If you want to rent a scooter or moped for a day of getting around a city that lies on more flat terrain, such as Rodney Bay, however, you may have an easier time.

Though renting a scooter or moped may not be the ideal vehicle for your tour of St. Lucia, that doesn't mean you should count it out, and renting a bicycle is an option for active travelers with the stamina to peddle through steep conditions. Reasonable rates and knowledgeable tour guides may sway you one way or the other, but regardless of what you choose, your options remain open on St. Lucia.


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