Booking your Trip to St. Lucia

Options abound when choosing where to book your travels to St. Lucia

Photo credit: © Orbital Joe

Booking travel arrangements ahead of time is important when visiting St. Lucia. Air or cruise fare and hotel stays top the list, but rental cars and tours are also important to consider.

When booking travel, the Internet has become the most popular option. And while online purchases are almost always safe, you may have more peace of mind contacting airlines and hotels directly. But keep in mind you may not always be getting the best deal. Research may reveal that travel-booking Web sites provide more competitive prices and online deals that phone personnel may not be able to offer. Check also with travel-booking vendors who specialize in Caribbean vacations.


While online vendors' prices do vary, they should be the same or similar from Web site to Web site. Internet vendors are often given similar discounts and often require similar costs to continue running. So in the end, the difference is rarely more than a couple of dollars. However, if an online vendor is offering a price that differs significantly from another's price, keep in mind the lower quote may not include taxes.

If you book through an Internet vendor, you have an additional resource to turn to in case a problem occurs or if you wish to report bad service at any of your destinations. Third party vendors can often help travelers get the most out of their case because they may take action against a company that has not treated customers well.

If you find yourself searching for other alternatives, a travel agent may sound appealing, but with so much information available on the Internet, consumers can be just as informed as travel professionals. However, familiar agents or Caribbean specialists may have sage advice and tips for the St. Lucia bound. Booking your travel is the last step in making your St. Lucian dream into a reality.


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