A popular destination for those who consider themselves "foodies," fortunately Boucan opens its doors to both guests of the resort and those who are not. They consider themselves pioneers in cacao cuisine, impatiently awaiting the day when a menu exists in which every offering consists of cacao.


The menu is inspired by the bountiful and rare type of cocoa harvest from the resort's property. You'll find the subtle spice in almost every dish, sometimes as a delicate infusion. The kitchen staff enjoys playing around with its use in sweet, savory, and spicy dishes. They always do so naturally and excitedly with health and harmony in mind. You can bet that every meal is made to order, with the freshest ingredients available, and always local when possible.

Boucan is a popular grill that happens to specialize in International cuisine. As far as the style of dining and food goes, the setting is informal. The option to eat here is on the table during both dinner and lunch, so give it a try.


Due to the elegant appeal of this establishment, you might expect it to be for adults only. In reality, it is chic but casual and families are more than welcome to dine here. Parents should be warned, however, that the high elevation and rocky surroundings mean monitoring your children at all times is necessary for their safety. There are 50 tables, but more can be added when the restaurant has been notified in advance.


Positioned in Cocoa Juvenate Spa, 1.6 miles south-southeast of downtown Soufriere, Boucan is located at Boucan by Hotel Chocolat. Local customers and travelers visiting Soufrière might also think about enjoying a meal here, as the restaurant is 1.6 miles to the south of town.

This part of Saint Lucia has many cultural and natural attractions, all comprising this vibrant area that's an attraction all its own. Two of the closest landmark sites from this establishment include Sulphur Springs Park and Tanzanite Heights Waterfall, both of which are within a quick trip of the restaurant.

Something else to see during your time in this neighborhood is Jalouise, a nearby beach, where you might nod off after a good meal or a long day.

Nearby Restaurants

If you are seeking out another restaurant in the region with some similar menu items and/or a similar ambiance, there are quite a few nearby places to choose between, including Dasheene Restaurant and Bar. It's located a couple hundred yards from Boucan.

But of course, if you're looking for something different, this region of Saint Lucia features an impressive selection of restaurants, which offer all types of cuisine styles and flavors. For instance, you can try Caribbean eats at The Great Room, which is situated right on the water.

Hours and Other Info

To dine in this fine establishment, be prepared to spend between $30 and $45 USD for the main course alone.

Start your day with breakfast between 7:00 and 10:00 a.m. Lunch is served between noon and 2:30, and dinner is from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Dinner reservations are recommended.

Contact Info

Location: Boucan by Hotel Chocolat, Rabot Estate, Cocoa Juvenate Spa, Saint Lucia

Phone: (758) 572-9600

Secondary Phone: (758) 459-7699




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