Clothing and Attire on St. Lucia

When you're out and about on St. Lucia, wear lightweight clothing for varying weather conditions

Clothing on St. Lucia

Mild tropical trade winds make the island of St. Lucia a pleasant destination year-round. Dress accordingly with lightweight cottons and knits to keep you cool and comfortable. These fabrics dry quickly and require little ironing, making them ideal for the active traveler.

Whether you're out on the beach or out on the town, be sure to dress appropriately. The temperatures range from 65 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter months to the high 90s during summer months. 

From the Beach to on the Town


The tropical sun on the pristine beaches of northern St. Lucia make the beach a beautiful but potentially dangerous destination, so protect yourself from heat and sun damage with sunscreen, hats, or lightweight clothing.  As a general rule, beachwear and bathing suits are appropriate on the beach but more conservative attire is appreciated in towns and on the rest of the island.  If you'll be in a situation where you'll be running from the beach to local shops and restaurants throughout the day, bringing clothing to cover up with will be helpful.  This may be as simple as a sarong, but you may feel more comfortable putting on a shirt and pair of shorts, too.  When going out at night, men should wear long pants and a collared shirt, and women should wear dresses or long pants and a nice top.  This is often described as resort wear.

Resort Wear

Also known as "resort casual," resort wear is a style of dress that you hear a lot about when you are trying to figure out the dress code for places on the island.  Resort wear is a way to describe clothing that falls somewhere between formal and casual.  Polo shirts and other collared tops, sundresses, and bottoms made of linen or khaki fall into this category.  You'll want to wear clothing that is clean, but fun; pressed, but casual.  

Tips for the Active Traveler

If you're looking for a break from the high temperatures of the beaches in the north, the higher altitudes of the mountains in the south may offer some respite. There are many hiking trails through the jungles and to the peaks of St. Lucia or other natural attractions, but be sure to wear sturdy footwear as some of these trails can be treacherous. You may want to bring along a lightweight jacket or sweater to temper the mountains' cool breezes.

St. Lucia's rainy season lasts from June to November, but be prepared for sporadic showers all year long. Rain showers on St. Lucia are generally short-lived but can bring strong downpours at times, so be sure to carry rain gear with you. A lightweight, water-repellent jacket is a good choice because it can be easily taken out or stored as storms come and go.

When visiting St. Lucia, it is important that your clothes keep you cool and dry in the tropical weather while providing appropriate styles to respect traditional local customs.


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