Outlets and Voltage on St. Lucia

Understanding what to expect from the electrical service on St. Lucia can prevent any potential problems

Photo credit: © Claudiu Badea | Dreamstime.com

St. Lucia Electricity

The British influence on St. Lucia can be seen in many ways. The island's electrical service is just another example of the similarities between the two countries.

Some newer hotels and resorts provide US - style 110 volt outlets in their rooms, however, for the most part, electricity throughout St. Lucia is 220 Volts 50 Hz. Electrical outlets on the island usually have openings for three rectangular prongs. This means that vacationers from the United Kingdom will have no trouble using their own appliances. Visitors from the United States and other parts of Europe, however, will likely need adaptors or transformers. Most hotels can provide these, but it is always a good idea to call ahead to make sure.

A little advance planning will ensure that all international travelers can use their own small appliances while on vacation on St. Lucia.


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