Getting More Info Concerning St. Lucia

Explore the many ways to find travel information about the island of St. Lucia

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The decision to visit St. Lucia is an easy one. Your next step should be to gather information from available resources to discover your options for experiencing the island. The information is plentiful and the research is fun. Use what is out there to discover the possibilities for your vacation on St. Lucia.

The Internet is a world in itself, and a great resource for a wealth of easily accessible information for those wishing to vacation to St. Lucia. Beginning your research on this site is a great way to learn about St. Lucia and your options while traveling to and staying on the island. Another helpful site for continuing your search would be the official site of The St. Lucia Tourist Board, who also provide comprehensive information to those who are looking to vacation on the island. The Caribbean Tourism Organization can also be a useful guide concerning the region. Use search engines to locate other sites detailing life on St. Lucia or in the larger Caribbean.

You are sure to encounter Web sites for Internet vendors while gathering information, and these sites can be useful regardless of whether you are just beginning your search or are looking to book. Vendors are a useful source of compiled information regarding hotels, flights, rentals, and other amenities. Use these sites in your research to explore the kind of options that are available to you as you look to customize your experience to meet your needs and budget. The large amount of diverse information stored on these sites make them good resources for those traveling on any budget. Also, search the Internet for business directories and listings. This is a good way to find small businesses that may not show up on other sites. Often, both Internet vendors and business directories will also provide direct links or phone numbers to specific hotels or recreational vendors that will prove useful once you begin to decide what sort of trip you would like to create.

The Caribbean Travel section in any bookstore can also provide valuable information regarding the Caribbean, and, of course, St. Lucia. Take time to browse through all of the available books to get a flavor for the kind of information provided in each. Guides differ in the kinds of vacationers they cater to. Having an idea of what style of vacation you desire will help you determine which book provides information regarding the island and local services that will prove most useful in your planning. One book may be perfectly suited to those looking for outdoor adventure, while another may be catered to those looking to dine and shop. The differences can be subtle, but choosing the right guidebook can prove invaluable when planning a vacation.


After you have exhausted the Travel section, make your way to the magazine rack to scour the shelves for magazines focusing on Travel and the Caribbean. Finding information in magazines that is directly relevant to St. Lucia can be difficult, but browsing will often result in useful ideas, if not answers to specific questions. It can also be to your benefit to search the Internet sites of specific magazines, as many will maintain databased archives of past articles. These archives are a valuable tool for searching for specifics about St. Lucia.

Since you have returned to the Internet, it may also prove useful to browse through Internet message and bulletin boards, where past vacationers, vendors, and residents can post messages regarding various topics on the island. Use these boards to see how others have responded to a certain hotel, service, or restaurant. Learn what others say about staying in a certain area or staying during a certain time of year.

This tool can prove especially useful if you have narrowed down your options for accommodation and recreation and want to learn which vendors seem to have the highest satisfaction ratings. Read through what others have said in the past or post a question yourself. As always, however, do not give away personal information and try to verify any information you receive by consulting other sources. It is important to remember be wary on the Internet when taking information from sources that are not official. Use this tool as a supplement to the rest of your research.

A good way to receive trustworthy input from others concerning St. Lucia and the Caribbean is from friends, family, or coworkers who may have visited the island. Don't let this valuable resource go untapped. Ask specific questions about traveling and staying on the island. Find out which restaurants, hotels, or vendors were friendly or provided helpful service. Learn about off of the tourist path locations like secluded coves and hilly trails. Ultimately, find out what did or did not work. Having firsthand and trustworthy information about a place can ensure that you avoid unnecessary complications during your travel.

Make research and planning a fun part of your vacation. Get excited about your plans and the possibilities that are open to you. There is a wealth of information available on the Internet and in other sources that you can use during any part of your research. Those who are just beginning may seek to learn what activities are popular on the island. Those farther along may wish to learn more about a specific hotel. Chances are, what you are seeking is out there.

It is your vacation. Take advantage of the information available to ensure that your stay on St. Lucia is customized to your wishes.


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