Planning Your Vacation on St. Lucia

To create your ideal trip to St. Lucia, research all of your options before you begin planning

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Planning a Trip to St. Lucia

St. Lucia's culture and landscape are unlike any other. With clear waters, white beaches, and intriguing rainforests and mountains, the region's diversity keeps visitors coming back. Start exploring St. Lucia's possibilities before you go.

An independent commonwealth of Britain, St. Lucia maintains an exciting and eclectic mix of cultures and activities. So begin research and planning for your trip by determining the type of vacation you wish to take, the time of year you wish to take it, and the budget with which you will be working. St. Lucia is a great spot for honeymooners, families, and adventurers, with appropriate accommodations and activities to satisfy each group.


Decide in advance which area you would like to stay in. Hotels are located in remote or crowded areas next to beaches or forests. Research hotels that offer packages, instruction, and equipment for the types of recreational activities that interest you. Consulting Internet travel sites and travel guides in bookstores can give you names, numbers, and Web sites of both hotels and recreation/adventure services to consult while planning your time. Check which holidays, festivals, and seasonal food or recreation are most interesting to indulge in or to avoid.

Explore your options for booking travel. The Internet has made catching a plane as easy as clicking a mouse. But some still prefer to phone airlines directly or use a travel agent. Use a method that is comfortable and trustworthy to you.

Whether your vacation is built around romance, adventure, or relaxation, use your expectations and wishes as tools to help focus your research. Each area, hotel, and activity will contribute to your unique experience of the island. Proper research and planning before your arrival will ensure your experience meets your expectations.


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