Weather on St. Lucia in September

With temperatures reaching their peak during September, vacationers will delight in the warm sand and sun on uncrowded beaches of the off-season. Traditionally the wettest month of the year, September in recent years is beginning to shift towards drier conditions. Whether wet or dry, vacationers should not be concerned as the sun is never very far away on St. Lucia.

Typical Weather in September

Temperatures on St. Lucia during September generally vary between an average high during the day of 86.0 degrees and an average low at night of 80.0 degrees


St. Lucia in September: Key Facts
Monthly Averages
High Low Rainfall
No. of Days
with Rain
86.0° F 80.0° F N.A. 17.0

On any given day during September on St. Lucia, you can expect early morning temperatures to be around 81.8 degrees. The temperature will rise over the course of the typical September day, reaching somewhere around 85.2 degrees by early afternoon. By early evening, temperatures on St. Lucia generally decline to around 80.0 degrees. Temperatures on St. Lucia average around 83.1 degrees during September.


September Temperatures on St. Lucia by Time of Day
Early Morning Late Morning Early Afternoon Late Afternoon Early Evening Overall
81.8° F 85.3° F 85.2° F 82.6° F 80.0° F 83.1° F


Rain is most likely to occur around 8:00 AM during the month of September, and it is least likely to occur around 8:00 PM . In St. Lucia during September, thunderstorms -- when they occur -- are most likely sometime around 8:00 PM .


September Rainfall on St. Lucia by Time of Day
  Percent Frequencies of Hourly Observations
Hour Rain
2:00 AM # #
5:00 AM # #
8:00 AM 27.6 % 1.6 %
11:00 AM 22.7 % 0.8 %
2:00 PM 24.9 % 0.6 %
5:00 PM 21.9 % 1.7 %
8:00 PM 15.7 % 2.4 %
11:00 PM # #
ALL 23 % 1.4 %


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