Weddings on St. Lucia

A St. Lucia wedding takes your special day to a whole new level

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Having a Wedding on St. Lucia

If you are seeking an unforgettable wedding experience, you should consider planning to host your big event in beautiful St. Lucia. From stunning landscapes and perfect weather conditions to unique dining and a superb built-in honeymoon, a wedding event on St. Lucia guarantees lasting memories.

Have you always imagined saying your vows while waves gently crashed onto the sand behind you, and a warm breeze blew through the nearby palm trees?  If you gave up on the idea because you thought it would be out of your budget, think again. A small amount of research and heavy helping of mindful planning can bring your Caribbean wedding fantasies to life.

Pros and Cons


Some people find that wedding planning can be quite stressful, particularly when you must have confidence in an event coordinator working for you overseas.  However, for so many people, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages; but this doesn't mean a Caribbean wedding is for everyone. The included list of pros and cons may help you to conclude if getting married on St. Lucia is the most ideal choice for you.


  • Cost. Though many people don't realize this, a destination wedding can actually save you money - including the price of your flight. This is due to the fact that destination weddings have a tendency to be smaller events with fewer guests, thus costing you less money in table settings and food. Numerous resorts also provide wedding and honeymoon package discount rates, thus improving your savings even more.
  • Weather. Many couples flock to the Caribbean to celebrate their weddings in warm weather. The average temperature in St. Lucia ranges from between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. Rain showers do occur, but the storms seldom last for a significant amount of time.
  • Planning. Whenever you prepare a Caribbean wedding, you ordinarily utilize an event planner (or one is assigned to you by your hotel when you procure a wedding package through them). This makes certain that every element of your wedding is attentively considered by a professional.
  • Friends and Family. One of the perks of planning a Caribbean wedding is that you can reduce your guest list - you don't have to feel compelled to invite a cousin you aren't that close to, or your fiancé's old classmates.


  • Cost. Considering the traveling involved with a destination wedding, many people believe that they are responsible to cover all expenses for their entire wedding guest list. If this is you, a Caribbean wedding will undoubtedly require a larger budget.
  • Weather. Due to St. Lucia's position within the hurricane belt, it is important to remember that scheduling a wedding during hurricane season (from the beginning of June until the end of November) presents a slight risk.
  • Planning. Since you will not have the option to personally check out and choose wedding particulars for much of the time leading up to your wedding, this may make you nervous because you feel everything is beyond your control.
  • Legal issues. While preparing for your St. Lucia wedding, another essential concept to consider is that the laws regarding marriage licenses may be different than those you would come across back home.
  • Family and friends. Some of the people you want to share your big day with may not be able to attend a destination wedding, because of obligations that may prevent them from being able to travel to St. Lucia.

Why Choose St. Lucia?

If you've always dreamed of wowing your wedding guests with a ceremony unlike anything they've ever seen before, planning a destination wedding on St. Lucia is a way to achieve that goal.  Whether you host your event indoors or out, simply being on the island is enough to excite.   Vacationing on St. Lucia is all about relaxation, which is perfect for those planning a wedding.  Spending the days surrounding the wedding pampering yourself at a spa and sinking your toes into the sand is a great way to reduce the stress that comes along with wedding planning. 

Almost as important as planning your wedding is making sure that your guests will remain occupied during the days leading up to and after your big day.  In St. Lucia, this is one thing you don't have to worry about.  You and your guests will find plentiful opportunities to get out on the water and participate in water sports, get in a round of golf or tennis, or play the slots at the newly opened casino.  Hiking Petit Piton, driving up Mount Soufrière, and exploring Pigeon Island are some great activities and attractions that may tip the scales in St. Lucia's favor when choosing a wedding destination.

Local Wedding Customs

Travelers will find that the many cultures around the world carry different concepts of what a wedding ceremony should involve. More and more contemporary brides are taking the reigns to craft ceremonies pleasing to their tastes rather than what is considered to be customary. Many brides will find that combining customs works best for their wedding needs. If you are arranging your wedding on St. Lucia, you may be attracted to adding a few of the island's traditions to your big day.

The most basic practices for you to incorporate into your wedding would be offering traditional St. Lucian cuisine at your reception. This includes fresh fish, creole dishes, and rum.

Types of Ceremonies

When designing your St. Lucia wedding, you can compose a day that is best for you by choosing a venue in which you will feel most comfortable in. Those with strong religious values should think about preparing a traditional wedding service at an island church, or perhaps a historic landmark might work best for you. If you're a dreamer and a romantic at heart, plan an outdoor wedding on the beach, in a garden, or at the base of a waterfall. The adventurous couple, however, may prefer a wedding underwater or at the top of a mountain. No matter where you envision your ideal wedding, St. Lucia has a venue to suit your tastes.


Although a destination wedding generally is less expensive than an elaborate wedding thrown in your home town, it is still necessary that you take the time to carefully create a budget. To make this happen, take time to plan with your future spouse and crank out a summary of everything you imagine you will be spending money on, in order of significance to you. Common items include the nutrients, venue, photography, and dress, among many others. After doing some quick research, designate an amount to each item, then total everything up. This will offer you a rough idea of how much money you can anticipate spending. Understand that this number will alter as you plan your big day, and the organized list of vital items will assist you to know instantly what items you can trim back on and which items you simply can't be without.


People planning a destination wedding might discover that the requirements for getting a marriage license on St. Lucia differ from the requirements of your hometown. Make sure you are informed about what is required of you prior to embarking on your journey to the island. St. Lucia has recently made it easier for vacationers to get married on the island by removing the requirement that guests be on the island for 48 hours before legally obtaining a marriage license.  Now, even cruise ship passengers who will be on the island for only a few hours have the chance to get married on one of St. Lucia's beautiful beaches.  Necessary documents include certified copies of birth certificates, death certificates, divorce certificates, adoption certificates, and photo identification.

Many people feel that their wedding is the most significant day of their lives, and organizing a Caribbean wedding on St. Lucia may be an opportunity for you to make your wedding all the more special. Just imagine getting married on a warm day amid the palm trees, with the sound of the ocean nearby. If the image lights a spark in your eye, an unforgettable wedding on St. Lucia just might be for you.


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