St. Martin Attractions

Saint Martin has plenty of natural, historical, and modern attractions

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There are a plethora of incredible attractions to take in on the dual-nation island of Saint Martin and Sint Maarten. The French side of the island, St. Martin, has been through a great deal, giving it a rich history and plenty of landmarks to visit when you're not exploring its natural beauty.


Orient Beach

One can't forget the number one reason tourists visit the Caribbean islands on their vacations: the beaches! Fringing both sides of the island are 30 beaches, each with a distinct personality. No matter which beach you visit, you will experience breathtaking vistas, particularly at sunrise and sunset, and find plenty to keep you occupied. Active visitors will find opportunities to swim, wind surf, parasail, and scuba dive among other water sports; while the more relaxed vacationers can lie in the sand baking in the sun, or spend some time combing the beaches for a natural souvenir. For a real treat, plan on a diving excursion to see the wreckage of the HMS Proselyte, which sank just south of Great Bay in 1801.

You will discover a large number of beaches to consider visiting in the area. Regardless of whether you'd rather be part of a busy beach scene, or you prefer having more of the sand to yourself, you're likely to find what you want. Click on the beach names for a detailed guide to that particular location.

If you are looking for a snorkeling spot, a place where that's an option is Orient Beach. On the east side of the island, this beach is heavily developed and the best way to access this beach is to park at one of the restaurants that line the shore.

Another top pick for snorkeling fans is Ilet Pinel. The Ilet Pinel beach is located on one of St. Martin's uninhabited offshore islets and can only be accessed by boat. Many boats from St. Martin offer charter service here for tourists.

Grande-Case Beach: Known for it's fine dining and stunning views of Anguilla, hungry tourists flock to this beach to sample island fare.

These are only some of the places worth checking out To read about other beaches available, visit this page.

Landmark Attractions

Border Obelisk

Die-hard history buffs will find plenty to explore on this island, which changed hands quite a bit during its colonial history. For example, both the French and Dutch occupied Fort Louis, which was named for the French Emperor Louis XIV. Meanwhile, sandwiched between Orient Beach and Quartier d'Orleans is The Old House, a historic sugar plantation that is open to the public Tuesday through Sunday.

Musée de Saint-Martin is a museum The museum is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Another interesting landmark worth visiting is The Old House. It is located in St. Martin. The Old House Museum takes visitors back to the early days of Saint Martin's colonial history where they will learn of the culture, politics, and economics that have led the island to where it is today.

Musee Des Coquillages: One of the largest shell museums in the world, Musee Des Coquillages has over 5000 shells. They feature shells from extinct animals, general sea shells, as well as art made from some of the shells they have found.

These examples are just a few of the options worth consideration For a more thorough discussion of landmarks in this area, click here.

...hike various levels of terrain...


Nature-lovers vacationing in St. Martin can easily get outdoors and discover the wonders that Mother Nature has equipped the island with. Numerous trails allow you to hike various levels of terrain, with a trek to Paradise Peak at the top of the must-do list. Visitors may also choose between visiting a nature park, a nature reserve, and a marine reserve.

Nature Preserves and Hiking

Loterie Farm Nature Reserve

Do you want to spend part of your vacation seeing the local flaura and fauna? You may be happy to find out that the area has a popular nature preserve available.

Loterie Farm Nature Reserve is a popular nature preserve located in the heart of St. Martin. This protected area is the largest on the island and a prime spot for any eco-tourist that find themselves in Saint Martin. The park offers numerous eco-orientated activities that will allow guests to enjoy the more natural side of the island.

Nature Preserves and Hiking In St. Martin
Name Type Location Island
Loterie Farm Nature Reserve Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve Central St. Martin the island of St. Martin and Sint Maarten


Although most visitors have heard about the beautiful coastline, that isn't the only way to enjoy the natural wonders available. Areas near St. Martin some great options, including a couple of caves.

The chart below has some details regarding caves.

Caves Near St. Martin
Name Type Location
Dropsey Bay Cave Cave 10.0 mi. North-Northeast of Central St. Martin
Goat Cave Cave 14.6 mi. North-Northeast of Central St. Martin

Parks and Botanical Gardens

Guests can enjoy a park, or a botanical garden in and around St. Martin.

If you'd like to see some beautiful tropical vegetation, consider visiting The Butterfly Farm, which is located in St. Martin. The most important part of your visit at the Butterfly Farm will be a guided tour, which shows the evolutionary cycle of the butterfly, how they live, and what they do. Tours last for 15 to 20 minutes are are available all day.

The parks and gardens worth looking into are listed in the table below.

Parks and Gardens In and Around St. Martin
Name Type Location Island
Coronation Park Park The Valley, 9.9 mi. North of Central St. Martin Anguilla
The Butterfly Farm Botanical Garden Orient Bay, 2.9 mi. East of Central St. Martin the island of St. Martin and Sint Maarten

Zoos and Aquariums

The Butterfly Farm

If the idea of spending part of a day with interesting animals tickles your fancy, you should visit The Butterfly Farm. Explore the beautiful colors of the Saint Martin butterflies and plants at this unique and magical attraction. You will find the enclosed area full of caterpillars, cocoons, and butterflies of all sizes.

Zoos In St. Martin
Name Type Location Island/th>
The Butterfly Farm Zoo 2.9 mi. East of Central St. Martin the island of St. Martin and Sint Maarten

Land Formations

Another idea is to visit some of the more interesting area land formations. Other types of natural attractions in St. Martin are summarized here:

Land Formations In St. Martin
Name Type Location
Anse Marcel Bay 3.3 mi. North-Northeast of Central St. Martin
Baie Aux Cayes Bay 3.4 mi. West of Central St. Martin
Baie Longue Bay Las Terres Basses, 5.2 mi. West of Central St. Martin
Baie Maria Bay 1.9 mi. North of Central St. Martin
Baie Nettle Bay Sandy Ground, 2.7 mi. West of Central St. Martin
Baie Rouge Bay Las Terres Basses, 4.1 mi. West of Central St. Martin
Baie de Marigot Bay Marigot, 1.8 mi. West of Central St. Martin
Creole Rock Rock Formation 3.1 mi. North of Central St. Martin
Cul de Sac Bay Bay French Cul-de-Sac, 3.6 mi. Northeast of Central St. Martin
Grand Case Bay Bay Grand-Case, 2.0 mi. North of Central St. Martin
Happy Bay Bay 1.8 mi. North of Central St. Martin
Marigot Bay Bay Marigot, 1.8 mi. West of Central St. Martin
Molly Smith Point Point 2.0 mi. North of Central St. Martin
Orient Bay Bay Griselle, 3.2 mi. East-Northeast of Central St. Martin
Pic du Paradis Mountain Central St. Martin

With so many varied choices of activities, you're sure to find a way to spend your vacation on St. Martin doing exactly what you'd like. Spend a day in the sun, or stay out all night - the choice is yours.


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