Baie de cul-de-sac

This is a very popular bay for boaters, with multiple docks and marinas on its shore. Its great for a view of the bay dotted with boats and you might enjoy wading in the waters near the marina, but it's not much of a beach destination.

Positioned near the heart of French Cul-de-Sac, this beach is on the South East coast of the island of St. Martin and Sint Maarten. You should think about stopping by even if you aren't staying in the vicinity. Even though you won't find a bustling urban center here, tourists frequently choose this beach since it's removed from certain noisier areas.

How to Access The Beach
Baie de cul-de-sac is right off of Rue de Cul de Sac on St. Martin's northeastern side. It's not difficult to access and you should be able to mark at one of the marina's if you're looking to explore this coast.

Amenities and Ambiance

The coastline of the bay is very thin and has very little sand or areas for relaxing on the shore. It's mostly the access for boaters that brings visitors to this bay.

Unfortunately, public restrooms aren't available, so those of you traveling with small children may want to consider another spot.

Be mindful that the area right around Baie de cul-de-sac is a bustling area, so factor that into your plans.

What's Nearby


Visitors will find this beach on St. Martin's South East coast. It is close to Francis-Eck Studio, which is found one and a quarter miles to the south, and it is one of the attractions close-by.

If you want more information on the history of St. Martin, you won't have to look hard to find sites boasting the colorful history of the nation. One attraction of this sort is Hope Estate Archeological Site, which is one of the sites of historical significance which can be visited in addition to Baie de cul-de-sac.

The beach is one type of attraction you can visit, but there will be more options available in St. Martin. The table below lists other attractions that are nearby.

Activities and Attractions Near Baie de cul-de-sac
Attraction Type Distance Direction Island
Francis-Eck Studio Art Gallery 1.3 mi. S the island of St. Martin and Sint Maarten
Hope Estate Archeological Site Historical Site 1.4 mi. WSW the island of St. Martin and Sint Maarten
Mount Vernon Plantation Historical Site 1.7 mi. S the island of St. Martin and Sint Maarten
Cultural Center Grand Case Museum 1.9 mi. W the island of St. Martin and Sint Maarten
Tropismes Gallerie Art Gallery 2.1 mi. W the island of St. Martin and Sint Maarten
Durat Bridge Historical Site 4.3 mi. SW the island of St. Martin and Sint Maarten
Musée de Saint-Martin Museum 4.5 mi. SW the island of St. Martin and Sint Maarten
Fort Louis Historical Site 4.6 mi. SW the island of St. Martin and Sint Maarten
Roland Richardson Art Gallery 4.6 mi. SW the island of St. Martin and Sint Maarten
Musee Des Coquillages Museum 4.6 mi. SW the island of St. Martin and Sint Maarten
Old Prison Historical Site 4.6 mi. SW the island of St. Martin and Sint Maarten
Spring Sugar Mill Historical Site 4.6 mi. SW the island of St. Martin and Sint Maarten

Cities and Towns

Baie de cul-de-sac is very close to Orient Bay, so touring the city could be a fun side-trip after visiting the beach. The closest town to Baie de cul-de-sac is Orient Bay, which is certainly not a bustling region, but it can be an interesting destination for visitors hoping to get a taste of the local scene. From the beach, Orient Bay is just up the road, maybe one and a quarter miles (two kilometers).


The popularity of this spot on any given day can vary, it depends on several things: the season, the weather, even how many hotel rooms have been booked nearby. Typically, you can expect to share the sand with more than a few visitors from lodgings in the area.

Visitors hoping to find a place to stay close to the beach won't find it very difficult, as there are plenty of resorts and hotels to pick from in the immediate vicinity. Find the closest, most convenient booking options by looking over what's shown in the table below.

Accommodations near Baie de cul-de-sac
Hotel Distance Direction Type
Hotel La Plantation 0.5 mi. S Hotel
Sol e Luna 0.6 mi. SSW Guest house
Esmeralda Resort 1.1 mi. S Resort
Marquis Boutique Hotel 1.1 mi. W Resort
Club Fantastico 1.2 mi. S Resort
Palm Court Hotel 1.3 mi. S Hotel
Green Cay Villas 1.4 mi. S Villa complex
Bay View Beach Homes 1.8 mi. W Villa complex
Grand Case Beach Club 1.8 mi. W Resort
Alizés Motel Guesthouse 1.9 mi. W Guest house


If you're feeling hungry for a midday meal, the area around this beach has plenty to offer, so there's no need to go too far from the sea. One of the nearest places to eat is Sol E Luna. The restaurant offers a menu of French cuisine. They are also known for serving seafood.

Restaurants closest to this beach are listed below.

Restaurants near Baie de cul-de-sac
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Style Distance Direction
Sol E Luna (059) 029-0856 French Fine Dining 0.6 mi. SSW
Karibuni (069) 064-3858 International Informal 0.6 mi. E
Yellow Beach (069) 033-8833 Caribbean Very Casual 0.6 mi. E
Le Taitu (059) 087-4323 Caribbean, Creole Very Casual 0.7 mi. SSW
L'Astrolabe (059) 087-3636 Eclectic, French Fine Dining 0.9 mi. S
La Chapelle (059) 052-3890 -- -- -- --
Orange Fever (069) 075-5211 International Very Casual 1.1 mi. S
Rancho Del Sol (069) 077-0484 American, French Informal 1.2 mi. S
Plantation Cafe (059) 029-5805 Creole, French Informal 1.2 mi. S
La Playa (059) 029-0479 International Very Casual 1.2 mi. S
Bacchus (059) 087-1570 French Informal 1.2 mi. SW
Bikini Beach Restaurant 590 87 43 25 Caribbean Fine Dining 1.3 mi. S

Other Beaches

Visitors searching for the perfect beach will have lots of choices besides Baie de cul-de-sac.

You might also enjoy Orient Beach, located only a short distance away. As one of the most popular beaches on St. Martin, Orient Beach is one toursit hot spot, with plenty of great things to do. The festive charm of these amazing sandy shores creates the perfect atmosphere for your beach vacation. If you're on the lookout for more active and social, you might find that Ilet Pinel is just right. You'll find it a half mile to the east.

You might also want to visit Baie Lucas Beach, which is located not a great distance away, meaning a quick cab ride will get you here pretty easily.

There's plenty to see and do in St. Martin, and Baie de cul-de-sac is just one of many incredible attractions you can choose from.


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