Booking your Trip to St. Martin

There are many options for securing your travel arrangements to St. Martin and St. Maarten

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The advent and proliferation of the Internet has widened the options for travelers who are looking to book dream vacations throughout the Caribbean. Travelers can choose from several methods, however, when it comes time to make the purchase that will send you on your way to St. Martin and Sint Maarten.

There are still some who remain wary and distrustful of the security of the Internet, and for them, using the traditional methods of phone communication or a travel agent will be a good option. It cannot be denied, however, that the popularity of making final booking reservations through the Internet is continuously growing whether your destination is in the United States, the Caribbean, or abroad. The Internet provides a secure and convenient method of making your travel arrangements and takes away the hassle of phone conversation for those who like to avoid it. Many travelers find themselves already on the Internet doing research concerning their destination, and may find it easier to also complete their reservations while online.

Those who conduct their research on the Internet are likely to find both online travel vendors who provide service to areas around the world, and vendors who specialize on the Caribbean region. These sites will generally provide researchers with an extensive list of packages and deals for everything to air travel, hotels, and rental cars, to cruises and recreational amenities.


Travelers should look through several different sites to uncover the best deals, and sites specialized to a specific region may offer more deals or offer travelers a greater number of services in that area. Prices on these vendor sites will often be very similar, as the savings can only extend so far. When encountering similar prices through travel vendors on the Internet, it is wise to research whether taxes or other charges are being included in the advertised price, as these can increase your payment significantly.

A more traditional option for securing travel is through the services of a travel agent. As with the Internet vendors, would be travelers can find travel agents who specialize in a certain region, a certain type of trip (e.g. business), or who provide services all over the globe. Travel agents who are responsible for such a wide coverage of the world, may not be as well equipped to answer your questions as a Caribbean specialist would be. Travelers should again shop around and find a travel agent that they trust and feel comfortable with.

Direct contact with a service, such as an airline or a hotel, is the final option for travelers looking to book their vacation. This can be done directly through a site on the Internet, but is also often done on the phone. While this does give the benefit of having someone to respond to your questions, the deals through the phone may not always beat those found on the Internet. While promotions and deals are often also offered through the phone, Internet promotions are usually not for offer, or not even known, by phone representatives. Researching all of you possibilities is the best avenue for securing a package and price that satisfies you.

The significant advantage held by customers utilizing the services of third party vendors is that their is an accountability created between the third party vendor and the primary service vendor. Customer complaints are often brushed aside when lodged directly to the service vendor, but if a third party vendor, who has an interest in the services that are being provided to it's customers, also lodges a complaint, the customer is likely to have significantly more clout. Primary service vendors seek to stay on good terms with third party vendors who list them on their site, as those who do not can easily be removed.

Travelers looking to vacation to St. Martin and Sint Maarten will find that there are several options for securing good deals on their travel and accommodations. Caribbean vacationers should always look around, a find the best deal through a vendor that they feel comfortable with.


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