All About Crime in St. Martin

Learn how to stay safe while on vacation in St. Martin and Sint Maarten

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St. Martin Crime

Falling victim to a crime, even a petty crime, can ruin a dream vacation. Travelers to St. Martin and Sint Maarten should have little trouble staying safe as long as they take common sense measures to protect themselves and their belongings.

Areas of Concern

Visitors staying in St. Martin and Sint Maarten should always take care to lock valuables in hotel safes and should take common sense measures that one would take in any foreign location. Never flaunt large amounts of money or expensive jewelry or electronics. Always try to keep cash, identification, and credit cards, in separated, secure locations. Crimes dealing with motor vehicles are becoming more prevalent and visitors should never leave valuables in cars and should make every attempt to secure insurance for their rental vehicle. Caution should also be taken with other rentals, such as boats or jetskis. Never leave valuables unattended on the beach.

Break-ins and robbery can also occur on the island as well as mugging. Visitors should always avoid being alone at night in deserted areas in cities and rural areas and should avoid deserted beaches during the day and night. Vacationers who are victims of a crime should contact local authorities immediately and should also contact their local embassy or consular agency or agent for additional assistance.


Travelers can also always consult the State Department ( for their general guidelines for a safe trip abroad. The following is a list of important safety contacts while staying in St. Martin and Sint Maarten.

Contact Information
Ambulance (Sint Maarten) 599-542-2111
Police / Emergency (Sint Maarten) 599-542-2222

Ambulance (St. Martin)
Police / Emergency (St. Martin) 17
United States Embassy Bridgetown, Barbados 246-436-4950
U.S. Consular Agency Martinique (St. Martin) Hotel Valmeniere #615
Avenue des Arawaks,
97200 Fort De France
U.S. Consulate General Curaçao (Sint Maarten) J.B. Gorsiraweg #1
Willemstad, Curaçao

Staying safe while on vacation can be, for the large part, a matter of taking the same precautions you would in any major city or foreign place. Protect yourself and your possessions while in St. Martin and Sint Maarten to help ensure that you enjoy your vacation without having to deal with crime.


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