Cupecoy Bay

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Located on the west coast of the island, Cupecoy Bay beach is a small, clothing optional area that is protected by a large surrounding cliff. The waters offer a decent surf, one that may be too difficult for younger/less able swimmers, but certainly not worrisome for those looking for a challenge.

Situated in Sint Maarten, west of Sandy Ground, Cupecoy Bay is on the South West coast of the island of St. Martin and Sint Maarten. You should consider stopping by even if you aren't staying particularly close by. Active, fun-seeking vacationers will like this beach because of its busy, urban location. Actually, Cupecoy Bay would be most convenient for those who are staying in the hotels nearby, and people who thrive in crowds of fellow visitors.

How to Access The Beach

There are two parking lots at which you will have to pay $2(USD). To get to the spectacular white sands of Cupecoy Bay Beach from either of the parking lots you will have to descend stone-carved steps to reach the beach.

Amenities and Ambiance

Cupecoy Bay Beach is close to the Dutch-French boarder of St. Martin and St. Maarten on the western side of the island. This coastline is made up of a chain of three white sand beaches which are set against a backdrop of caves, limestone cliffs, and emaculate rock formations. The surf here can be strong, but the wind is blocked by the rocks.

There is also a great restaurant right on-site if you're interested; many find it the perfect, convenient solution for lunch. Every nation has its own cuisine, and St. Martin is no different. One of the most memorable places to enjoy the local fare is right next to the coast. Did you know that some hotels are happy to pack picnic lunches for their guests? Or, you could find just what you need from cafes and street vendors en route to the beach.

Lots of visitors here find that the on-site snack bar is just fine for lunch. Depending on the season and time of day, you may also be able to get lunch from one of the local vendors who are typically found at this location.

Keep in mind that restrooms won't be found on-site, though you may be able to use the facilities at a nearby business. Luckily, umbrellas and chairs will be available for use to guests hoping for a place to relax in the shade. The atmosphere of Cupecoy Bay Beach is quiet and secluded. But there are some elements of excitement on these shores like on the far end of the beach where clothing is optional. Cupecoy also welcomes gay and lesbian travelers.

Cupecoy Bay as well as its availability of comforts are located inside an area commonly frequented by travelers. As such, if for you these amenities influence your decision, it'll be an appropriate idea to make it there in the morning prior to when the other tourists come or perhaps even going to a more secluded beach elsewhere. Or you could be unable to take advantage of all those comforts which Cupecoy Bay has for its guests.

What's Nearby


This spot is on the South West coast of the island of St. Martin and Sint Maarten. It's located near Sint Maarten Marine Park Western End, which is found seven and a half miles to the east-southeast, and it is one attraction close-by.

There are options for close-by activities so you won't get bored. The attractions closest to this beach are listed in the following table.

Activities and Attractions Near Cupecoy Bay
Attraction Type Distance Direction Island
Sint Maarten Marine Park Western End Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 7.4 mi. ESE the island of St. Martin and Sint Maarten

Cities and Towns

Cities near Cupecoy Bay include Simpson Bay, which is a fairly rural area, but it will be a nice day out for those wanting to get a taste of local life. From the beach, Simpson Bay is a quick trip away, about two and a half miles (four and a half kilometers).


The mood here——social and lively, or virtually empty—— will depend on how many hotel guests decide to make the trip as well. Cupecoy Bay is not near very many major hotels, but it can attract guests from smaller accommodations in the area.

Although vacationers will generally find few places to stay withing driving distance, those accommodation options closest to Cupecoy Bay can be seen in the table below.

Accommodations near Cupecoy Bay
Hotel Distance Direction Type
Ocean Club 0.3 mi. SE Resort
Sapphire Beach Club & Resort 0.3 mi. ESE Resort
Rainbow Beach Club 0.5 mi. ESE Resort


You might not run into any places to grab a bit to eat near this shore, so you may choose to pack a lunch for your day in the sun.

Other Beaches

Of course, you'll find other beaches besides Cupecoy Bay on the island of St. Martin and Sint Maarten.

Perhaps Cupecoy Bay is the most convenient coastline for you to visit, but some travelers itch to explore more; in which case you should find a beach with a seclusion factor that suits you.


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