Outlets and Voltage in St. Martin

The French and Dutch side use different standards

Photo credit: © Claudiu Badea | Dreamstime.com

St. Martin Electricity

Travelers from the United States and Europe will find that they can both use their electrical appliances, but only on different sides of the island. For those who will be crossing over to the neighboring side, adapters or converters will be needed.

Electricity and electrical outlets on Dutch Sint Maarten are identical to the United States. The electricity runs at 120 volts at 60 cycles, and outlets will accept the standard two and three pronged plugs found in the United States.


Those coming from Europe will find that the French St. Martin side of the island accommodates their electricity needs. Voltage runs at 220 volts at 60 cycles and outlets use the standard European two cylinder plugs.

If you will be staying on a side of the island that has electricity different from your own, or if you will be crossing over, an electrical converter and plug adapter will be needed. These are easiest to purchase prior to your trip and can be found at most electronics stores.

Knowing the electrical standard for the side of the island that you will be staying on will ensure that you can use all of your electronic appliances when traveling to St. Martin or Sint Maarten.


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