Embassies and Consulates in St. Martin

Embassies and consulates help citizens stay safe in foreign countries


When trouble strikes in foreign countries, whether it be a natural disaster, civil unrest, of personal emergency, your local embassy and consulate can assist you in getting the medical, legal, and financial help that you need to remain safe.

Travelers to any foreign country should always be aware of the services and resources from their home country that will be available to them while on vacation. In the event of trouble or misfortune, the embassy or consulate of your home country is there to assist you with quick and knowledgeable help. Before leaving for your trip consider consulting the Bureau of Consular Affairs tips for safe travel abroad. Those vacationing to St. Martin or Sint Maarten from the United States are also encouraged to register their trip with the State Department. This registration allows the government to keep names of travelers to an area. This gives the government invaluable help in finding and assisting you in the event of a natural disaster or civil unrest.


If you are in need of medical or financial help while on vacation, your local embassy or consulate can provide you with a list of resources and help you to secure financial or medical help from these resources. Victims of crime should report incidents to their local embassy or consulate, in addition to local law enforcement agencies. While representatives can provide travelers with resources in these areas, they cannot provide direct medical or financial help.

If you are arrested or imprisoned while on vacation, local representatives will also come to your assistance, providing you with resources to secure local representation and keep you informed about the legal system and customs of the country that you are in. Representatives will also monitor your condition to ensure you are being treated properly and contact your family and home government to keep them informed about your status.

The embassies of France and The Netherlands represent St. Martin and Sint Maarten, respectively. The following links provide embassy and consulate contacts for travelers to St. Martin and Sint Maarten, as well as provide the contact information for French and Dutch embassies throughout the world.


Embassies and Consulates:
Saint Martin
Embassies and Consulates:
Sint Maarten

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