Need Help Making Decisions for Your Trip to St. Martin?

Once on the island there are a few things vacationers should consider

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Now that you've researched your vacation to the countries of St. Maarten and St. Martin, tourists have a few more important decisions to make before embarking on their island getaway.

French or Dutch side

Sint Maarten and St. Martin are one 37 square mile island, but two separate governments, with St. Maarten being Dutch governed by way of Curacao, and St. Martin belonging to French territories. Both places are excellent vacation spots, but travelers will need to decide on which end of the island they want to make their accommodations on.


French tourists tend to visit the St. Martin side of the island more, while everyone else travels to both. It is completely up to the vacationer where they want to spend

most of their time, and once on the island you are free to travel back and forth between the two nations. There are no borders to cross, and most of the natives speak some English.

The tourists who visit the Dutch side of the island are usually impressed by the gambling and casinos, which are all located in Sint Maarten,while those traveling to St. Martin will enjoy the French-side's duty free shopping and restaurants. Also, if you are worried about one side costing more than the other, vacationers should know that Dutch St. Marteen, the government tax is eight percent,and in French St. Martin, the government hotel tax is five percent. This may effect where you want to reserve your room.

Method of Arrival

There are several ways that you can get to St. Martin/St. Maarten including by air, cruise ship or ferry, and even by helicopter. Depending on what kind of time schedule you be on during your vacation time, and what means of transportation best fits your needs, travelers will have several options to choose from.

Air travel is one of the most popular and fastest ways for travelers to arrive on St. Maarten/St. Martin. The island is a major airport hub for the Caribbean, and has a wide selection of flights from the United States and Europe, as well as the other Caribbean Islands. Helicopters are another form of air travel that vacationers can take advantage of.

St. Marteen is a major cruise ship port, so those vacationers who indulge on relaxing luxury cruise will be more than welcomed to the island. Ferries also travel the country's waterways going between St. Maarten and St. Barts.

Where to Go

While you vacationers should enjoy their vacation and not have to plan out a rigid itinerary, some activities on the island may require reservations or be on a specific time schedule, so it is helpful for tourists to make some decisions about what kind of things they want to do.

If traveling with a group of friends and family, try to include activities that will appeal to all persons in your party. While there are zoos and museums that have fun activities for children to participate in, there are some places that are more suited for adults like casinos.

The island is full of rich history and culture, so travelers who are interested in finding out more about St. Maarten/St. Martin can visit any of the island's museums and forts. There are a number of activities that tourists can partake in, which are sure to spark the interests of most vacationers.

Making a few important decisions before arriving on St. Maarten/St. Martin will help you prepare for all the wonderful experiences that the island has to offer.


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