St. Martin Car Rentals

Car rentals are a good option for touring both nations while visiting the island


It seems like second nature for most travelers these days: when you book your flight and hotel, you book a rental car as well. While this is not always necessary, those visiting St. Martin may find merit in having the ability to drive back and forth between the French and Dutch sides of the island with ease.

Renting a Car


Rental agencies will usually deliver cars directly to your hotel, so you may need to take a taxi from the airport. There are many agencies at your disposal, however, and you can find rental car stations near the airport.

Requirements and restrictions can vary. St. Martin does honor international driver's licenses for those who wish to rent cars, but if you are concerned about minimum and maximum age restrictions, insurance requirements and the like, consider contacting each firm directly, before making a final decision.

Check the following table for many of the rental centers serving St. Martin.

Vehicle Rental Companies
Name Phone Location
Adventure Car Rental (059) 087-2123 Marigot
Alamo Car Rental (059) 029-2732 Blue Bay Mont Vernon - Mont Vemon
Auto K Sport (059) 049-9595 Jardin D'Agrement - Marigot
Automax Car Rental (069) 035-4075 Orient Bay
Autopro (059) 087-3685 Grand Case - Grand-Case
Avis Marigot (059) 087-5060 Z.A.C. de Bellevue - Marigot
Budget Rent A Car (059) 087-3822 Cul de Sac - French Cul de Sac
Caraibes Car Rent (059) 029-6426 Centre Commercial Howell Center - Marigot
Cock's Edmond (059) 087-4492 Mont Celine Orleans - Saint Martin
Concordia Car Rental (059) 087-1424 Marigot
Continental Car Rental (059) 087-7764 Cripple Gate - Downtown Marigot
Creative Car Renter (059) 087-2974 Rue de Hollande - Marigot
Defis Agency (059) 050-4170 Marigot
Discount Car Rental (059) 052-8507 Sandy Ground
Economy Car Rental (059) 087-5083 191 Rue de Hollande - Marigot
Esperance Car Rental (059) 087-5109 Marigot
Executive Car Rental (059) 087-9588 Les Amandiers - Marigot
Exotic Cars (059) 029-2010 C.O.B. Galisbay - Marigot
Express Rent A Car (059) 087-8759 Agrement - Marigot
F.W.I. Baie Nettle (059) 087-7833 Sandy Ground
Fantastic Car Rental (059) 087-7109 Rue St. James - Marigot
Flamboyant Car Rental (059) 087-5099 Grand-Case
Funtime Car Rental (059) 087-7109 Low Town, St. James - Marigot
Garage De Concordia (059) 087-5581 Les Villages de St. Martin - Marigot
Gilou Location (059) 034-2222 La Savane - Grand-Case
Golfe Car Rental (059) 051-9481 Golfe Hotel - Downtown Marigot
Grand Rent A Car (059) 087-3787 Res. Sig Chevrise Batiment G - Marigot
Gust (059) 029-2826 Res. Lagune - Saint Martin
H Et B Car Rental (059) 087-9156 Rambaud
Hertz Isabeli (059) 029-4885 Isabeli - Anse Marcel
Hertz L'Esperance (059) 077-7777 L'Esperance Airport - Grand-Case
Hertz Marigot (059) 087-7301 Galisbay - Marigot
Hibiscus Car Rental (059) 087-7453 La Colline Baie Nettle - Sandy Ground
Ideal Car Rental (059) 056-9831 Rue Low Town, St. James - Saint Martin
Island Trans Rent A Car (059) 087-9132 Saint Martin
Julian's Car Rental (059) 087-5600 Marigot
Kangourou (059) 087-7313 Marigot
L'Esperance Car Rental (059) 087-5109 Rue de la Republique - Marigot
Loc Victoria (059) 087-0830 Sandy Ground
Locacar (059) 077-1712 Centre Commercial Baie Nettle - Sandy Ground
Locaraibes (059) 087-0004 Agrement - Marigot
Lucky's Car Rental (059) 063-0597 Marigot
M And R Car Rental (059) 087-2958 Sandy Ground
Michelina Car (059) 029-0365 Agrement - Marigot
Mist Enterprises (059) 029-2157 Petite Plage - Grand-Case
Moke Alizees (059) 077-1999 Marigot
National Car Rental (059) 029-2732 Mont Vernon - Mont Vemon
New Century (059) 051-9792 Morne Valois - Marigot
Next Level Car Rental (721) 522-8748 17 Rue Frederick Arrondell - Marigot
Omega Car Rental (059) 029-0545 23 St. James Low Town - Marigot
Pageo (059) 087-3724 Quartier D'Orleans - French Cul de Sac
Paradise Tourism (069) 030-1866 Grand-Case
Pelican Location (059) 050-8177 Horizon Pinel - Cul De Sac
Prestige Transport (059) 087-5371 Grand-Case
Route 66 Car Rental (059) 029-6588 Golden Road Baie Nettle - Sandy Ground
Roy Rogers (059) 087-5448 Boulevard de Grand Case - Grand-Case
Sanaco Car Rental (059) 087-1493 Rue de l'Esperance - Grand-Case
Sandy Ground Car Rental (059) 087-8825 Sandy Ground
Sens Unique Automobiles (059) 087-2288 Rue de Spring - Marigot
Sexy Car (059) 055-5412 Grand-Case
Sllocation Rent A Car (059) 054-7176 80 Route de Cul de Sac - French Cul-de-Sac
Sunset Car Rental (059) 087-3543 Cul de Sac - Cul De Sac
Thrifty SFG (059) 029-2424 L'Esperance Airport - Grand-Case
Triple A Car Rental (059) 087-3717 Quartier d'Orleans - French Cul de Sac
Triple A Car Rental (059) 027-0580 Rue de l'Esperance - Grand-Case
Turbo Car Rental (059) 087-1874 Galisbay - Sandy Ground
Unity Car Rental (059) 087-3497 Belle Plaine Orleans - Marigot
Vacation Car Rental (059) 029-0336 Colombier

The Cost of Renting a Car

Rental rates are affordable, with prices ranging from $30 to $50(USD) a day with unlimited mileage and free drop-off service. Renters will incur extra fees with the price of gasoline, child seats, extra driver permits, and the highly recommended collision damage insurance, which will generally run from $9 to $14(USD) a day. Credit card holders should also learn about rental vehicle insurance that may be held on their cards.

Driving Around Saint Martin

Driving is done on the right hand side of the road in St. Martin. Roads are well maintained and in good condition for the Caribbean, but drivers should beware of poorly lit streets, herds of animals, and concealed or missing street signs. Drivers should always drive defensively while in another country.

Seat belts are required to be worn by all ages and at all times. Children under 12 must ride in the back seat, and children under 4 should be in a car seat or booster. Some rental car agencies even offer safety seats for rent.

Gasoline stations in the area are relatively abundant. Check the listing below for locations. the table

Gas Stations
Name Phone Location
Best Buy Gas (059) 087-7037 Quartier d'Orleans - 2.0 mi. (3.3 km) South West of Orient Bay
Blue Point Gas (590) 590 21-5179 Galisbay - Downtown Marigot
Cadisco -- 2.8 mi. (4.4 km) North of Oyster Pond
Gas Station -- Rue de la Hollande - Downtown Marigot
Injection Marine (059) 087-7076 Anse Marcel
Saint Martin Hydrocarbure (059) 087-5767 La Savane - Downtown Marigot
Statation Service Baie Nettle (059) 087-8371 Sandy Ground
Texaco-Starmart (059) 029-0033 Rue de Hollande - Downtown Marigot
Trio (059) 087-2805 La Savane - Downtown Marigot

There are plenty of options for renting a car in St. Martin, and the absence of a custom or border patrol station means that a short drive is the only thing that separates the French and the Dutch sides of the island.


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