American Cuisine in St. Martin

When the craving strikes for American food, don't miss out on a chance to indulge yourself. Though not incredibly abundant, you can still find a couple of restaurants in St. Martin within this category.

With lots to try, from the informal backdrop at Rancho Del Sol to the fantastic breakfast, dinner and lunch at The Dingy Dock Bar & Restaurant, there's something special waiting for each type of traveler and any style of dining desired.


Take time to pursue the few American places that you may come across during your vacation. Find the one that makes your mouth water and click its name to discover the details about its location, style, and more.

Palm Beach Restaurant

Griselle | (069) 035-9906

Set in Griselle, near the middle of Orient Bay, Palm Beach Restaurant is a viable option worth considering if you're thinking about exploring this neighborhood or nearby. This enigmatic eatery can show multiple sides, so yes they're offering American themed dishes and of course hamburgers, but they're also dubbed a hotspot for seafood. <p>Palm Beach Restaurant relies on the surrounding beach to provide ambiance, but ads to it with elegant lounge furniture that you can't help but sink into.</p>

Rancho Del Sol

Jacob Hodge | (059) 087-3871

Rancho Del Sol is located in Jacob Hodge, in the western outskirts of Orient Bay. Not only is this restaurant famed for American cooking and their signature staple of pizza, but we shouldn't forget they're also dubbed a hotspot for steak. <p>The theme of Rando del Sol is a Texas ranch, with rustic wood finishes, and and wild west style atmosphere.</p>

The Dingy Dock Bar & Restaurant

(059) 087-4026

Located 0.3 miles east-northeast of Oyster Pond, The Dingy Dock Bar & Restaurant is on the same premises as Captain Oliver's Resort. It's 2.2 miles south of Orient Bay. When it comes to their style, the atmosphere this awesome bar and grill is 100% casual, which is important because your gang can really sit back and enjoy good conversation as they savor the good eats here. <p>American-style food is what you'll find on this menu.</p>

Andy & Cheryl's

Orient Bay

Andy & Cheryl's is situated along the southeastern outskirts of Orient Bay. Seafood (of course) and American panache make a nice pair at this friendly eatery.

Similar Food

le Beach Restaurant

If you're willing to step just outside the box, you will find similarly satisfying flavors at restaurants like the following:

Restaurants with Similar Cuisine
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Location
Treize Travaux De Hercules (059) 087-4332 Creole Cul De Sac, 3.0 mi. Northeast of Central St. Martin
Restaurant Les Boucaniers (059) 029-2175 Creole Downtown Marigot, 1.3 mi. West of Central St. Martin
Le Planteur (059) 029-5321 Creole 3.6 mi. East-Southeast of Central St. Martin
Le Cottage (059) 029-0330 Creole Grand-Case, 1.9 mi. North of Central St. Martin
Plantation Cafe (059) 029-5805 Creole Griselle, 2.9 mi. East-Northeast of Central St. Martin
Le Taitu (059) 087-4323 Creole Mont Vemon, 2.8 mi. Northeast of Central St. Martin
Plongeoir (059) 087-9471 Creole Downtown Marigot, 1.4 mi. West of Central St. Martin
Calmos Cafe (059) 029-0185 Creole Grand-Case, 1.9 mi. North-Northeast of Central St. Martin
Petite Auberge (059) 087-5631 Creole Marigot, 1.6 mi. West-Southwest of Central St. Martin
La Table du Marché (059) 052-3535 Creole Anse Marcel, 3.1 mi. Northeast of Central St. Martin

Or you might also be interested in the signature offerings offered at restaurants like these:

Restaurants with Similar Specialties
Restaurant Name Phone Specialty Location
Le Village (059) 052-4573 Hamburgers Downtown Marigot, 1.5 mi. West-Southwest of Central St. Martin
The Bridge (059) 029-6357 Family Fare Sandy Ground, 2.1 mi. West-Southwest of Central St. Martin
Bistro de la Mer (059) 029-3003 Barbecue Downtown Marigot, 1.4 mi. West of Central St. Martin

Some of the most memorable cuisines in St. Martin are the ones that you find unexpectedly while walking the streets near your hotel. However, jotting down the addresses of a few dining possibilities on the list, may prove valuable later when your stomach's grumbling. To discover much more regarding the types of food waiting for you, check out this page.


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