Middle Eastern Cuisine in St. Martin

If you're a big fan of Middle Eastern cuisine, you might have an opportunity to spoil yourself. Even though you may find your options somewhat limited, you can still find a couple of locations in St. Martin where you can sample some.


From the informal atmosphere at Ali Baba to the neighborhood eateries where beer and wine are every bit as important as the food, there's a menu suited for each type of traveler and every style of vacation.

Take a moment to get a taste for the small set of popular Middle Eastern places you'll run across as you explore. Click each option to read the full article about its specialties, style, and what you can do nearby.

La Marrakech

Downtown Marigot | (059) 027-5448

Set in the heart of downtown Marigot, La Marrakech is at 169 Rue de Hollande. Are you in the mood for tempting Middle Eastern eats in a comforting, convenient environment? Then definitely don't miss the low-key atmosphere at this grill.

Designed by a true Moroccan architect, when you walk through the doors of La Marrakech you are instantly transported to Morocco. The waist staff serves you in Moroccan clothing, and if you stay late enough you'll get to enjoy a performance by a group of belly dancers.

Ali Baba

Downtown Marigot | (059) 087-8166

Ali Baba is located in downtown Marigot, toward the center of Marigot. Affectionately identified as a casual place to eat, it's like a mecca for hungry, intrigued travelers touring the town.

Similar Food

Piazza Pascal

If your preferences are flexible, perhaps you'll want the familiar flavors at restaurants below:

Restaurants with Similar Cuisine
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Location
Sunset Café (059) 087-5187 French Grand-Case, 2.5 mi. North-Northeast of Central St. Martin
Nettuno (590) 087-7738 Italian Grand-Case, 2.0 mi. North-Northeast of Central St. Martin
Main A La Pate (590) 087-7119 French Downtown Marigot, 1.5 mi. West-Southwest of Central St. Martin
Piazza Pascal (059) 087-3921 Italian Grand-Case, 1.9 mi. North of Central St. Martin
Tastevin (059) 087-5545 French Grand-Case, 2.0 mi. North-Northeast of Central St. Martin
Aloha (069) 077-5393 French Orient Bay, 3.3 mi. East of Central St. Martin
Auberge Gourmande (059) 087-7337 French Grand-Case, 2.0 mi. North-Northeast of Central St. Martin
Trellis (059) 087-6400 French Las Terres Basses, 4.0 mi. West of Central St. Martin
L'Astrolabe (059) 087-3636 French Griselle, 2.8 mi. East-Northeast of Central St. Martin
Don Camillo (059) 087-5288 Italian Marigot, 1.6 mi. West-Southwest of Central St. Martin

Visitors often find that the best foods in St. Martin are those that you run into while journeying to and from your hotel. Although, it doesn't hurt to have a concrete plan for some meals. To find out more information concerning the culinary options waiting for you, check out this page.


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