Taxis in St. Martin

A taxi is an inexpensive way to see the island

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Taxis are readily available on St. Martin, and travelers who will limit their touring of the area to a few locations may find that taxis provide a cheaper, more efficient alternative to a rental car.

Taxi Companies


Taxis in St. Martin are similar to rental cars in that they can easily and quickly cross over to the Dutch Side of the island without delay or hassle, and this makes taking a taxi from and to anywhere on the island a simple matter of deciding where you want go.

You'll be able to recognize taxis cabs by the sticker in the window, which is important to know since the cabs are typically regular cars and vans driving around with no other discernible markings. Additionally, the license plate will read “TXI.” These three letters indicate that the cab driver is properly licensed. Never get into a cab that is not properly licensed for fear of being scammed.

Taxi services on the French side of the island can be reached at 590-87-56-54, and has stations in Marigot Bay and at Grand Case.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

Fares on the two islands can be different, and most are based on a two passenger ride. Extra passengers will pay a fee of $4(USD). Luggage fees will differ on each side of the island, but passengers should be prepared to pay $1(USD) for each piece of luggage that they have. Between 10:00 p.m. and midnight, there is a 25 percent surcharge, and between midnight and 6:00 a.m., there is a 50 percent surcharge. Taxi rates are fixed and your taxi driver should have a copy of the rates that are also often posted at major pick up centers.  Taxi drivers should be tipped about 15 percent. Many taxi drivers can also act as friendly guides as you make your way around the two small nations, another advantage of this method of transportation.

Enjoy the ride when you let someone who is trained and knowledgeable about St. Martin take you from place to place via a taxi cab.


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