Wanna Talk in St. Martin?

Each country has it's own telephone system on the small island

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Phone cards, credit card calls, and cellular service can all be found on the island that is home to St. Martin and Sint Maarten. Travelers going to the island will need to educate themselves about the telephone system in both countries in order to ensure they know how to call home.

If you are looking to make contacts in St. Martin and Sint Maarten prior to your arrival, or simply looking to confirm a hotel reservation, you will need to learn the procedures for dialing each country. To call Dutch Sint Maarten from another country the code is 599-54, plus a five digit local number. As of September 30, 2011 the 599-54 area code will change to 1-721, though the 599-54 area code will remain in use up until September 30, 2012.  To call French St. Martin from another country, the code is 590-590, followed by a local six digit number. Those calling from the United States should add 011 to the beginning of these numbers.

Despite their proximity, a call from one St. Martin to Sint Maarten is considered an international call. If you wish to make a call from one part of the island to the other, the same codes will be used; 599-54, plus a local five digit number; and 590-590 plus a local six digit number. The number 00 will precede these numbers when making a call on the island to the opposite side. When dialing a cellular phone from one end of the island to the other, the code is; 00-599-55 for Sint Maarten; and 00-590-690 for St. Martin.

Emergency contact phone numbers on the island:

Contact Information
Ambulance (Sint Maarten) 599-542-2111
Police / Emergency (Sint Maarten) 599-542-2222
Ambulance (St. Martin) 15
Police / Emergency (St. Martin) 17

Calling Home

Visitors to St. Martin and Sint Maarten will find both cellular and Internet service available on the island. Both St. Martin and Sint Maarten have prepaid phone cards available for use at public phones throughout the island, and cards must be bought for each side of the island. In St. Martin, public phones only accept these phone cards, which can be bought at the post office (which has one credit card phone) and in selected vendors in Marigot. In Sint Maarten, there are phones which accept credit card calls.

International dialing access codes for various phone companies:

Company Access Code
AT&T Direct (From Bobby's Marina, Sint Maarten) 001-800-872-2881
AT&T Direct (St. Martin) 0800-99-0011
MCI (Sint Maarten) 001-800-888-8000
MCI (St. Martin) 0-800-99-0019
Sprint (St. Martin) 0800-99-0087

Remember, all of these numbers and codes are subject to pay phone compatibility (St. Martin has very few), the use of calling cards, or the acceptance of credit cards.

International country dialing codes:

Country Code
United States and Canada 1
United Kingdom 44
Australia 61
New Zealand 64
Barbados 1-246
Netherlands 31
France 33

Whether placing a business call or checking in with family, staying in touch is important while traveling abroad. Keep track of all the numbers so that you know how to dial home when in St. Martin and Sint Maarten.


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