Map of Beaches in St. Thomas

1 | Hans Lollik Beach

Hans Lollik Beach is a secluded beach located just off the northern coast of St. Thomas on the uninhabited islands of Hand Lollik. While getting to the island may take a little bit of planning, those who go will be rewarded with a pristine beach offering stunning views and nearly absolute privacy.

This beach is located 3.9 miles (6.2 km) north-northeast of the center of Charlotte Amalie, on Hans Lollik Island.

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1 | Dorothea Bay Beach

One of the harder to find beaches on the island, Dorthea Beach is not one to be visited alone. Though definitely picturesque, the surf is dangerously strong, and there are unexpected drop offs.

Visitors can find this beach 3.0 miles from Charlotte Amalie, on St. Thomas, three miles (five kilometers) to the northwest of the center of Charlotte Amalie.

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1 | Hull Bay

Located on the northern coast of St. Thomas, Hull Bay offers visitors a remote beach experience, relatively popular with local surfers. Amenities are simple and while there is a local restaurant in the area, the beach does not get overly populated with tourists.

Found 2.5 miles from Charlotte Amalie, on St. Thomas, this beach is two and a half miles (four kilometers) northwest of the center of Charlotte Amalie.

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1 | Magens Bay

Magens Bay, located on the island of St. Thomas, is considered one of the best beaches in the area, featuring more than half a mile of protected, white beaches. With high praise comes many visitors, as the beach area is typically crowded, though the clear, calm waters make the location almost irresistible.

This beach is 1.7 miles from Charlotte Amalie, on St. Thomas, a mile and a half (two and a half kilometers) north of the center of Charlotte Amalie.

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1 | Mandahl Bay Beach

Popular amongst anglers moreso than swimmers, Mandahl Bay is rather secluded. On any given day you can stop by and see a handful of people fishing from shore, and perhaps some visitors walking along the shore.

You can find this beach 1.7 miles from Anna's Retreat, on St. Thomas, a mile and a half (two and a half kilometers) to the northwest of the center of Anna's Retreat.

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1 | Brewers Bay

The idyllic and calming atmosphere of Brewers Bay is the area's main attraction and is a great spot for swimming in the Caribbean. Not to be confused with a beach with a similar name on Tortola, this one is located on St. Thomas.

The center of Charlotte Amalie is located three miles (five kilometers) east of this beach.

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1 | Renaissance Beach

Located on St. Thomas Island, Renaissance Beach features a beautiful view of the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. Most people visit Renaissance Beach for its wide array of watersport opportunities, and the area is especially good for windsurfing.

The center of Anna's Retreat is a mile (a kilometer and a half) to the west-southwest of this beach.

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2 | Coki Point Beach

Located off of the northeastern coast of St. Thomas, Coki Point Beach features a popular beach destination, perfect for the entire family. The coral reefs offshore are prime areas for snorkeling or diving among the colorful sea life, and guests can easily rent gear offshore as well as participate in a multitude of other watersports.

Found near the heart of the neighborhood of Coki Point, this beach is a quarter mile (a half kilometer) from Renaissance Beach.

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1 | Emerald Beach

Named after the nearby airport, Lindbergh Bay is home to Emerald Beach, which provides soft, white sand that's popular with locals. The occasional sound of planes and proximity to the airport tends to deter tourists, though it is perfect for those that want calm waters and soft sand, without the hassle of a crowd.

Head 2.5 miles (4.0 km) west from the center of Charlotte Amalie to get to this beach.

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1 | Lindquist Beach

Because Lindquist Beach is a great secret on St. Thomas, its best feature, apart from the perfect setting, is its probable seclusion. Swim in the diamond waters, snorkel the nearby reefs, or just sit back on the beach and let time go by.

Situated on the northern edge of East End, this beach is located just 0.9 miles (1.4 km) from the center of Red Hook.

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2 | Sapphire Beach

Sapphire Beach is located on St. Thomas and features soft, white sand perfect for a beach stroll or sunbathing. Snorkeling at the offshore reefs is popular and a nearby dive shop rents equipment and beach chairs.

Lindquist Beach is located a quarter mile (a half kilometer) to the west of this beach.

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1 | Honeymoon Beach

Located on Water Island off the coast of St. Thomas, Honeymoon Beach is an excellent spot for guests of all ages, whether they prefer swimming or simply sunbathing on the shore. Dramatically improved in the 1950s by the leaseholder, the area is decorated with palm trees and immaculate sand.

From St. Thomas, this beach can be found approximately three miles (approximately five kilometers) to the northeast of the center of St. Thomas. It is on Water Island.

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1 | Sprat Bay Beach

A quiet, calm bay that is almost never crowded, this beach is lined by coconut trees and offers the ultimate tropical island shore experience.

This beach is located a mile and a half (three kilometers) to the south west of Charlotte Amalie, on Water Island.

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1 | Morning Star Beach

Located on the south coast of St. Thomas, Morning Star Beach provides guests with a popular, developed beach area. Facing Frenchman's Bay and serving as the Frenchman's Reef Beach Resort, the beach features soft, comfortable sand and calm waves and is filled with guests and amenities.

You can find this beach within Morning Star Beach, a mile and a half (two and a half kilometers) south-southeast of the center of Charlotte Amalie.

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1 | Vessup Bay

Vessup Bay offers a popular beach spot in the US Virgin Islands. Featuring views of the lush green hills and close proximity to the Yacht harbor, this narrow bay is a popular for beachgoers and boaters alike.

Head east-southeast for a quarter mile (a half kilometer) from the center of Red Hook to find this beach.

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2 | Great Bay Beach

Known for its pristine white sands and calm surf, plus its picturesque surroundings, Great Bay Beach is one that is loved by tourists. If you think sustainability is important, you'll be pleased to hear that this beach had its Blue Flag Certification renewed in 2014, which means it is a very eco-friendly place.

When coming from Vessup Bay, go a quarter mile (a half kilometer) to the east-southeast to get to this beach.

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3 | Secret Harbor

With a scattering of rocks just offshore, Secret Harbor Beach has some fantastic snorkeling areas for exploring the deep. A nearby set of condos and hotels blends into the scenery nicely and offers guests of the beach a bar, restaurant, and restrooms.

This beach is on the western outskirts of the neighborhood of Catadupa, 0.6 miles (1.0 km) west-southwest of Great Bay Beach.

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4 | Cowpet Beach

Located on the southeastern coast of St. Thomas, Cowpet Bay features a well developed beach, lined with palm trees and white sand. The nearby St. Thomas Yacht Club guarantees that luxury yachts will dot the bay waters, though the spacious waters guarantee that guests can enjoy the quiet waters.

Travel a half mile (three quarters of a kilometer) east-southeast from Secret Harbor to reach this beach.

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1 | Limetree Beach

The area around the cove at Limetree Beach is developed, with a few hotels along the shore that provide restrooms, bars, and restaurants for guests. The beach's atmosphere is perfect for reading a book while lounging or having a tropical drink, and a watersports stand provides all types of equipment and instruction for some fun on the water.

This beach is located two miles (three and a half kilometers) to the southeast of the center of Charlotte Amalie.

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1 | Bolongo Bay

Bolongo Bay's beach, located on St. Thomas, features beautiful white sand and palm trees, thanks to the popular Bolongo Bay Beach Resort which surrounds the beach. The waters are calm and the beach features an amazing view of the sea.

Head 2.8 miles (4.4 km) to the southeast from the center of Charlotte Amalie to get to this beach.

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The interactive map above displays the approximate location of 20 beaches on St. Thomas.

In order to get a close-up view of a particular part of the map, or to obtain info about the places shown on the map, click on each of the colored map pins. A second option is to use the table below to interact with the map. If you are interested in a specific place, just click on the colored map pin in the first column, or you can click on the Area/Vicinity description shown in the last column.

Points of Interest Near St. Thomas
Click to Show Name (Click to Read Article) Area/Vicinity (Click to Show on Map)
Bolongo Bay 2.8 mi. Southeast of Central Charlotte Amalie
Brewers Bay 3.2 mi. West of Central Charlotte Amalie
Coki Point Beach 1.2 mi. East-Northeast of Central Anna's Retreat
Cowpet Beach 0.8 mi. South-Southeast of Central Red Hook
Dorothea Bay Beach 3.0 mi. Northwest of Central Charlotte Amalie
Emerald Beach Central St. Thomas
Great Bay Beach 0.6 mi. East-Southeast of Central Red Hook
Hans Lollik Beach 3.9 mi. North-Northeast of Central Charlotte Amalie
Honeymoon Beach 3.0 mi. South West of Central St. Thomas
Hull Bay 2.5 mi. Northwest of Central Charlotte Amalie
Limetree Beach 2.2 mi. Southeast of Central Charlotte Amalie
Lindquist Beach 0.9 mi. North-Northwest of Central Red Hook
Magens Bay 1.8 mi. North-Northeast of Downtown Charlotte Amalie
Mandahl Bay Beach 1.7 mi. Northwest of Central Anna's Retreat
Morning Star Beach 1.7 mi. Southeast of Downtown Charlotte Amalie
Renaissance Beach 1.0 mi. South-Southwest of Central Thatch Cay
Sapphire Beach 0.9 mi. North of Central Red Hook
Secret Harbor 0.5 mi. South of Central Red Hook
Sprat Bay Beach 1.5 mi. South West of Downtown Charlotte Amalie
Vessup Bay 0.3 mi. East-Southeast of Central Red Hook


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