Scuba Diving Near St. Thomas

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From a gorgonian forest to boat wrecks, walls to caves, St. Thomas is surrounded by some of the most exciting underwater landscapes around.  Add to this the warm waters and visibility which ranges between 60 and 100 feet, it is hard to pass up the chance to dive with one of the many local scuba operators. 

You'll find 5 dive operators, a variety of dive shops, and at least 35 interesting dive sites to choose from.

Dive Operators and Shops

St. Thomas Diving Club

The dive shops worth considering are summarized directly below.

Dive Shops Near St. Thomas
Name Phone Location
Admiralty Dive Center (340) 777-9802 0.6 mi. West-Southwest of Downtown Charlotte Amalie
Aqua Action Dive and Water Sports Center (340) 775-6258 East End
Blue Island Divers (340) 774-2001 The vicinity of Charlotte Amalie
Coki Beach Dive Club (340) 775-4220 East End
Dive In! (340) 777-5255 0.6 mi. North of Central Red Hook
Dive World (340) 775-2004 1.1 mi. West-Southwest of Central Red Hook
Hi-Tec Water Sports (340) 774-5650 Frenchtown
St. Thomas Diving Club (340) 776-2381 2.1 mi. South-Southwest of Central Anna's Retreat
Water World Outfitters (340) 774-3737 0.9 mi. Southeast of Downtown Charlotte Amalie

If you'd like to go diving, you might want to contact Patagon Dive Center. You'd be hard-pressed to find a dive facility with an owner as experienced as Captain Arnoldo Falcoff of Patagon Dive Center. Making his career as a commercial diver, he eventually settled on St. Thomas to pursue his recreational diving licenses and was soon fully PADI certified. They are found in East End, in eastern St. Thomas.

Another good option is Red Hook Dive Center. Morning dives leave from the harbor at 9:00 a.m. and are for certified two tank divers. You can reach them at (340) 777-3483.

A third good option is Aqua Marine. VIP services, small group diving, and visits to lesser known dive sites is what this outfit specializes in. If you're interested in a classic Caribbean dive trip, they can make that happen, too. They're located within Frenchman Bay, St. Thomas.

View this table to learn more about area dive operators.

Dive Operators Near St. Thomas
Name Phone Location Island
Aqua Marine (340) 642-8701 2.0 mi. Southeast of Downtown Charlotte Amalie St. Thomas
Patagon Dive Center (340) 775-3333 0.7 mi. Southeast of Central Red Hook St. Croix
Red Hook Dive Center (340) 777-3483 1.6 mi. East of Central Maroon Town St. Thomas
St. Thomas Scuba Snorkel Adventures Diving (340) 474-9332 2.5 mi. Northwest of Central Charlotte Amalie St. Thomas
Underwater Safaris (340) 774-1350 St. Thomas St. Thomas

Dive Services

Be sure to look at the following chart to get a feel for the typical cost of dive services in this area.

Dive Services
Offering Type Low Rate High Rate
Discover Scuba $ 79.0 $ 160.0
Double Tank Dive $ 70.0 $ 130.0
Night Dive $ 60.0 $ 105.0
Open Water Certification $ 450.0 $ 595.0
Single Tank Dive $ 50.0 $ 95.0

Dive Sites

The following table lists a few details concerning some of the area's better-known dive sites.

Dive Sites Near St. Thomas
Name Latitude Longitude
Aaron's Barge 18.3235659339 -64.9740460703
Armando's Paradise 18.3091185717 -64.8987454176
Aron's Barge Dive 18.3261736761 -64.9717283249
Blackbeard's Eye Dive 18.3036054771 -64.9994060397
Castle Reef 18.3100618798 -64.8557090753
Cessna Dive Site 18.2937018377 -64.9903535843
Clairborn Dive Site 18.2976134482 -64.9931430817
Cow and Calf Rocks 18.3038397553 -64.8462894559
Dive Tank 18.2861279347 -64.9254602194
First Cay 18.3194919484 -64.983487446
Flat Cay 18.3164775792 -64.987885952
Grainton Dive 18.302561407 -64.9980729818
Grass Cay Dive 18.3561395302 -64.8384869099
Grass Key 18.3545250874 -64.8312238047
Kennedy Dive 18.3088995791 -64.9399709702
Limestone 18.3113436897 -64.9640897104
Limestone Dive Site 18.3100811171 -64.9627590179
Major General Rogers Wreck 18.3468219029 -64.858083129
Miss Opportunity 18.3400238585 -65.0023701975
Miss Opportunity Dive 18.3360729118 -65.0059747696
Mist Dive Site 18.2983468653 -65.0328397751
Navy Barges Dive 18.3132407404 -64.9148443529
Rays Rise 18.3012612645 -64.8319768952
Rough Point Dive 18.4024198061 -64.9761271477
Sprat Dive 18.3144400732 -64.9391988108
Straggler's 18.3041948526 -64.8364830064
T Table 18.3065772224 -64.9051880836
The Fence Dive 18.3034628727 -64.9993282557
Tunnels at Thatch Cay 18.3630077763 -64.8712098598
WIT Concrete Dive 18.2879564998 -64.9824142456
WIT Crane Dive 18.3103663147 -65.0503063202
WIT Power Dive 18.2948019871 -65.0290203094
WIT Service Dive 18.298183884 -65.0143432617
WIT Shoal Dive 18.3078810055 -65.0345993042
Western Cities Dive 18.2980616479 -64.9706554413

For more information about diving, including tips and suggestions for both experienced divers and beginners, read our comprehensive Caribbean diving page.


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