Sailing and Boating Near St. Thomas

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Even though the airport is the main port of call on St. Thomas, you can expect to see plenty of boats passing through the bays and harbors on St. Thomas. While beautiful to watch, these boats are also a very convenient way to see St. Thomas and the rest of the virgin islands. Whether you pilot the vessel yourself, or charter the services of a native captain, sailing lets you pay no heed to predetermined routes or schedules.

If you simply want to get out onto the water, without the complications and cost of sailing on your own you can take an excursion. Want to know more what's included and how long a trip lasts? See the chart that follows to find information on area excursion services.

Boat Excursions
Name Phone Location
Aqua Blue Charters (340) 344-1190 Red Hook
Caribbean Blue Boat Charters (340) 690-2583 9715 Estate Thomas - Red Hook
Cool Boats (340) 344-6812 Crown Bay Marina - Frenchtown
Cruise Ship Excursions (340) 775-5055 Upper Havensight Mall - St. Thomas
Day Sail Fantasy (340) 775-5652 Sapphire Village - St. Thomas
Daydreamer Charter (340) 775-2584 Dreams Sugar Bay Resort & Spa - 1.4 mi. (2.2 km) North-Northwest of Red Hook
Daysail High Pockets Adventure (340) 690-0587 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook
Elixir Charters (340) 344-3336 Sapphire Beach Resort & Marina - East End
Fury Sailing Charters (340) 643-7733 Yacht Haven Grande - Charlotte Amalie
Good Day Charters (340) 514-3458 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook
Hakuna Matata Charters (626) 824-5039 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook
Independence Sailboat Charter (340) 775-1408 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook
Island Wilson Excursions (340) 626-2583 Red Hook
Jester Sailing Adventures (340) 513-2459 Point Pleasant Resort - East End
Nate's Custom Charters Day Tours (340) 244-2497 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook
New Horizon Sailing (340) 775-1171 1-A-9-19 Dorothea - Sapphire Beach
Oh Be Joyful Sailing (800) 707-7303 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook
One Love Charters (340) 227-5229 Compass Point Marina - East End
Privateer Charters (888) 727-0793 Sapphire Beach Marina - Sapphire Beach
Rumbaba Charters (340) 690-1659 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook
Sail With Liberty (443) 831-1911 Red Hook
Sail with Captain Max (340) 775-7467 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook
Simplicity Charters (340) 774-9348 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook
Sonic Charters (340) 244-5096 Compass Point Marina - East End
Stormy Petrel and Pirate's Penny Tours (340) 775-7990 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook
Sun Sea Charters (340) 626-6785 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook
Swashbucklin Tours (340) 244-8600 3108 Estate Bethesda - Hull Bay
Take It Easy (340) 677-1320 East End
Treazzure Sailing Adventures (340) 690-2735 Red Hook
Tribal VI Day Sails (340) 998-5106 Water Island
VIBE Charters (340) 626-2875 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook
Wasabi Sailing (340) 344-5429 Secret Harbour Beach Resort - Nazareth

If you're evaluating the option of a charter boat, you can call one of the following firms:

Charter and Rental Services
Name Phone Location
Awesome Power Boat Rental (340) 775-0860 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook
Bali Bound (340) 775-2584 19-2-53 Smith Bay - Anna's Retreat
Blue Tang Yacht Charters (340) 776-9070 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook
CYOA Yacht Charters (340) 777-9690 Frenchtown Harbour Marina - Frenchtown
Captain Nautica Boat Tours (340) 715-3379 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook
Charter Boat Center (340) 775-7990 6300 Smith Bay 16-3 - Red Hook
Crewed Charters (340) 776-4811 3801 Crown Bay - Red Hook
Flagship Yacht Charters (340) 774-5630 Long Bay Road - The vicinity of Charlotte Amalie
Heavenly Day Catamaran (340) 775-1800 Bolongo Bay Beach Resort - 2.8 mi. (4.6 km) Southeast of Charlotte Amalie
Island Yachts (340) 775-6666 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook
Limnos Charters (340) 755-3203 Compass Point Marina - St. Thomas
Magic Moments Luxury Excursions (340) 774-5530 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook
Nauti Nymph Powerboat Rentals (340) 775-5066 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook
See & Ski Power Boat Rentals (340) 775-6265 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook
Smith's Ferry Service (340) 775-7292 Veteran's Drove - 2.1 mi. (3.3 km) East of Charlotte Amalie
St. Thomas Boat Rental (340) 227-5144 Red Hook
Stormy Petrel and Pirate's Penny (340) 775-7990 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook
Vilocity Boat Rentals (340) 677-0739 201 6501 Red Hook Plaza - East End
Virgin Islands Boat Rental (888) 493-2114 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook


The U.S. Virgin Islands are some of the most popular sailing and yachting destinations in the Caribbean, and St. Thomas is no exception. Sailing itself is a unique experience, and offers those with an adventurous spirit a unique way to travel to the island. If you choose to sail to St. Thomas, your first order of business is to head to Charlotte Amalie to gain clearance at a port of entry. You'll need to present all necessary clearance documents, including a documentation of nationality for each passenger and crew member on the boat, the ships identification documents, and clearance from the last port of call. St. Thomas does not require that sailors obtain a cruising permit to sail around the U.S. Virgin Islands, however, if you will be doing so for six months or more, you must register your vessel with the Department of Planning and Natural Resources.

Once you are awarded official access to the island, you have several options regarding where to dock your vessel.

Do you plan to visit St. Thomas in your own vessel, or a charter from a different location? This next chart provides a quick summary of nearby marinas.

Name Phone Location
American Yacht Harbor (340) 775-6454 Red Hook
Compass Point Marina (340) 775-6144 East End
Crown Bay Marina (340) 774-2255 Frenchtown
Deep Water Dock -- Water Island
Fish Hawk Marina (340) 775-9058 Maroon Town
Frenchtown Harbour Marina (340) 777-9690 Frenchtown
Independent Boatyard (340) 776-0466 East End
Pirates Cove Marina (340) 715-7700 East End
Sapphire Beach Marina (340) 998-1203 East End
Vessup Bay Marina -- Red Hook
Yacht Haven Grande (340) 774-9500 5304 Yacht Haven Grande - Charlotte Amalie

In addition to these marinas, the Reef Ecology Foundation of St. Thomas has set up numerous mooring sites around the island. You'll recognize them by the blue striped-buoys. Yachters are allowed to use these mooring points for free, however, use is restricted to boats less than 60 feet long. For specific locations, you can call 340-775-0097.

Nearby Anchorages
Location Latitude Longitude
Careening Cove - Hassel Island 18.3302349154 -64.9345636368
Long Bay - Charlotte Amalie 18.3357116584 -64.9253153808
Hull Bay - 2.6 mi. (4.1 km) Northwest of Charlotte Amalie 18.3700901401 -64.9520140886
Elephant Bay - Water Island 18.3234061061 -64.9531835318
Lindbergh Bay - 2.6 mi. (4.2 km) West of Charlotte Amalie 18.3352533727 -64.96753335
Druif Bay - Water Island 18.3169080477 -64.9584138393
Flamingo Bay - Water Island 18.3120649004 -64.9588000774
Bolongo Bay - Bolongo Bay 18.3122940744 -64.8966747522
Water Bay - Coki Point 18.3478734848 -64.8659580946
Benner Bay - East End 18.3172441599 -64.8676478859
Jersey Bay - East End 18.3104328047 -64.8603093624
Secret Harbour Bay - Catadupa 18.3179978645 -64.8531746864
Vessup Bay - Red Hook 18.3241271069 -64.8509216309
Redhook Bay - East End 18.3264540377 -64.8443555832
Cowpet Bay - Catadupa 18.3159353548 -64.8440605402
Saint James Bay - Great Saint James Island 18.3088030981 -64.8322427273
Cruz Bay - Cruz Bay 18.3316454562 -64.7969716787

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