Water Bay

Whether you call it Pineapple Bay, Renaissance Beach, or its official name, Water Bay, this beach is a quiet one that doesn't see much regular traffic.

The beach at Water Bay features white sands lined with a few hammocks left behind by a nearby resort closing. The surf is gentle enough that you don't have to be an experienced swimmer to dip your toes in.

Tourists who want a sleepy spot to lounge in the sand and play in the surf are drawn to Water Bay because it is often unpopulated.


Located in , invites local residents and visitors rooming in this area of the Virgin Islands. However, even if you aren't staying in this location, you should consider stopping by to check out the sights.

Route 388 edges the shore of Water Bay. Take the road to the coast and park where you can find space before the sand.

Located in Coki Point, 4.2 miles east of Charlotte Amalie, Water Bay always welcomes visitors who are rooming in this neighborhood. Whether or not you're staying nearby, you are free to stop by for some fun in the sun. It is 1.7 miles northwest of Red Hook.

Nearby Restaurants

And, one of the most exciting possibilities while spending a few hours exploring the area could be chowing down on a meal at a restaurant within traveling distance of Water Bay. Perfection Ice Cream, a restaurant where serve their specialty fare: ice cream, is also the closest restaurant to this bay. Perfection Ice Cream is a short distance away, but removed enough that you may decide to make plans for using some type of transport to visit there. Also nearby, you and your party will find restaurants including Panga and Beach Cafe where you will want to eat some American meals and experience the culture of the Virgin Islands.

Nearby Attractions

Visitors that enjoy bays, and have the energy to view some others, might consider a trip to Coki Bay and Spring Bay; the first of which is 0.2 miles to the north-northwest of this bay. You'll find at least one or two other attractions in the area, including Coral World Ocean Park, which is a few hundred yards away Coki Point. Furthermore, you can think about heading to Nadir Recreation Area, which is another nearby attraction.

A bay is one type of attraction you can visit, but there's more to visit in the Virgin Islands. The table below lists other attractions that are closest.

Attractions Near Water Bay
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location Island
Coral World Ocean Park Other Attraction 0.2 mi. (3.0 km) NNE Coki Point St. Thomas
Nadir Recreation Area Other Attraction 2.0 mi. (2.9 km) SSW Maroon Town St. Thomas
Paradise Point Sky-Tram Other Attraction 3.6 mi. (1.2 km) W Charlotte Amalie St. Thomas
Bluebeard's Castle Historic Site 3.9 mi. (0.4 km) W Charlotte Amalie St. Thomas
Butterfly Garden -- 4.0 mi. (1.2 km) W Charlotte Amalie St. Thomas
Memorial Moravian Church Historic Site 4.1 mi. (0.1 km) W Charlotte Amalie St. Thomas
Roosevelt Park -- 4.2 mi. (0.1 km) W Charlotte Amalie St. Thomas
FDR Park -- 4.2 mi. (0.2 km) W Charlotte Amalie St. Thomas

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