Staniel Cay Transportation

Getting to Staniel Cay can be done by plane or boat, and on land you'll most likely use a gold cart

Located near the center of the Exumas district, Staniel Cay is a small island that is so beautiful it has been used for landscape shots in many famous movies including Splash. The people who live here are friendly and inviting, and tourists enjoy the village atmosphere. The transportation options here are fairly straightforward, making it easy for tourists to make arrangements. a golf cart...


Getting There

Chartering is the name of the game when it comes to getting to Staniel Cay. Unless you own your own air or water craft, you'll need to charter flight or a yacht in order to get to this tiny piece of paradise.

Moving About on Staniel Cay

Transportation on Staniel Cay is limited, and most people find that getting around on foot is sufficient for them. For those who need a little extra help, some of the vacation rental owners include a set of bicycles or a golf cart as part of your stay, or will rent you one for around $60(USD) a day. You can also rent a golf cart at the airport for the same price, with discounts for those who rent on a weekly basis.

Air Travel

The Staniel Cay Airport is a public airport that welcomes small chartered flights from both Ft. Lauderdale in the U.S. State of Florida, or from the Lynden Pindling International Airport on nearby New Providence Island.


Sailing is an adventure, and can vary by the person heading out on it. When you travel to Staniel Cay, you'll often experience the same calm waters and picturesque coastline, but where you choose to dock will determine which direction your adventure takes. There are two main marinas: Happy People Marina and Staniel Cay Yacht Club. The yacht club is a full service facility that can handle mega yachts and take care of all of your refueling and maintenance needs. Happy People, meanwhile, is simply a place to stop for a good time. Learn more about each, as well as legal entry requirements here.


If you start your vacation on Nassau, which is northwest of Staniel Cay, you could take a ferry or Mail boat to Staniel Cay. The government run Mail Boat stops at the island several times a week, but Mail Boats are known for their slow progress, so this option is only viable for tourists who want an adventure and have plenty of time to spare. The good news is that these trips are often very inexpensive. It takes about eight hours to get from New Providence to Staniel Cay on a fast ferry, so this might be a more viable option. Either way, to learn more about this form of transportation, check out this article about ferries from Nassau.

Narrowing down your transportation options are easy on Staniel Cay, since there aren't too many choices to choose from. Still, make sure are aware of everything that is available to you so you can book the best transportation for your needs.


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