What's Near Kevalli House

Nearby Beaches

Some visitors' favorite attractions in all of the Bahamas are their beautiful beaches. Here, you shouldn't be too far from multiple options.

All of the beaches adorning the coast of Stocking Island have their own unique features; these characteristics could mean the difference between an uneventful visit and a lively day in the sun. All of the nearby shorelines in the following table have something unique to offer. Click on the names below to learn about amenities and other details:

Beaches Near Kevalli House
Beach Distance Direction Location
Stocking Island Beach 0.3 ESE Stocking Island
Hamburger Beach 0.6 NW Stocking Island
Coconut Cove Beach 1.8 WSW George Town, Great Exuma
Jolly Hall Beach 1.9 W George Town, Great Exuma
Hooper's Bay Beach 2.7 W George Town, Great Exuma

The most obvious one to visit is Stocking Island Beach. Bear in mind that this beach is a moderate distance away, so you won't have to journey far to enjoy it. Popular for sunbathing, swimming, and snorkeling, Stocking Island Beach sets the bar high for beauty amongst some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

If you were hoping to visit a less quiet part of the coast, consider nearby Coconut Cove Beach which is usually full of tourists looking for a variety of beach activities. This beach is frequented mainly by those staying at the Coconut Cove Hotel, and various other resorts and beach houses. The area is peaceful, and there is an interesting boating scene here. This beach is a mile and a half west-southwest of the lodgings.

Nearby Areas

Travelers who are interested to know about what's located nearby might want to find out how far—or near—the nearest city or town is from the property. Kevalli House is located on Stocking Island; it's 1.7 miles to the northeast of George Town.

Below are the names of some of the neighborhoods and towns located within a short distance of Kevalli House.

Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods Nearby
Area Name Distance Direction
George Town, Great Exuma 1.7 SW
Great Exuma 4.0 W
Rolleville, Great Exuma 17.5 NW
Square Rock Cay 21.2 NW
Blow Hole Cay 21.8 NW
Rat Cay 22.9 NW
Cluff's Cay 24.3 WNW
Children's Bay Cay 24.4 NW
Long Cay 25.5 WNW

Nearby Attractions

Considering the Bahamas is a favorite vacation destination, you'll find lots of fun attractions to keep you busy in this region. Though there are not too many attractions within a close distance of the cottages, you will still find Moriah Harbour Cay, which is one of the closest to the accommodation.

Nearby Accommodations

When you're deciding where to book your stay, it can often be a good idea to find out about nearby lodging possibilities as a way to get a feel for the surrounding area. Although there's only one additional place to stay in this part of Stocking Island, its quiet surroundings are what make it an ideal choice for guests hoping to find a secluded vacation spot.


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