Beaches on Terre de Haut

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Despite the influx of tourists who descend upon the island on a daily basis, the beaches of Terre de Haut are still so beautiful that they will easily spoil you for beaches throughout the rest of the country.  The shores are thick with coconut palms which provide shade, while the waters immediate to the shore are shallow and clear, making for perfect snorkeling grounds. 

Which Beaches Are Available?

There are a handful of beaches to choose from on the island. If you're looking for a quiet getaway, you may be pleasantly surprised, several of these beaches are fairly secluded and free from over-development. You can click on each beach name for a detailed guide to that specific beach.

Les Pompierres

Grande Anse: The major beach on Terre-de-Haut, Grand Anse stretches for about a quarter of the island's eastern shore. While you can always expect there to be someone on the beach, the size of it means that you may not even notice them.

A second alternative to consider is Les Pompierres. Les Pompierres can be reached by taking Rue de la Saline north.

Anse Rodrigue: While the beach is not that big, the lack of any build up or any major vegetation gives visitors more space than many other beaches of the same size.

The following table has a few details regarding the beaches located on the island.

Beaches On Terre de Haut
Name Location Coast
Anse Crawen 1.3 mi. East of Central Grand Anse West
Anse Devant 1.7 mi. East of Central Grand Anse West
Anse Rodrigue 2.9 mi. East of Central Grand Anse South East
Grande Anse Central Terre de Haut East
Les Pompierres Central Terre de Haut North
Pont-Pierre Beach 0.9 mi. Northeast of Central Terre-de-Haut North East

Fortunately, you'll be able to find additional kinds attractions available. To read more about other attractions for Terre de Haut, navigate to this page.


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