Bois Joli Restaurant

Located at Bois Joli Resort, the restaurant of the same name features exquisite gourmet cuisine in a beautiful dining room that invited guests to dine as they do in Normandy.


Bois Joli Restaurant serves the taste of Normandy, including foie gras ravioli in hen saude, rack of lamb, and wood pigeon with sweet sour sauce.

Bois Joli Restaurant delights Terre-de-Haut with French cooking almost good enough to ship home in big to-go boxes. Beautiful and quality meals are a plated here, as this restaurant is all about elegant looking and tasting food. Diners are welcome to come by to enjoy dinner only, so make sure to plan your visit around the limited hours they are open.


The dining room t Bois Joli Restaurant featured thick, deep red carpeting and bright white and burnt orange walls paneled in wood. The furniture and furnishings are elegant yet remains warm and inviting.


This restaurant is on the water, positioned on the island of Terre-de-Haut, 1.5 miles East of Grand Anse. Bois Joli Restaurant is on Terre De Haut. Local residents and vacationers making a trip to Basse Terre might also think about having a meal here, since it's 13 miles (20 and a half kilometers) to the southeast of the city.

If you'd like to combine your restaurant visit with some excellent sightseeing possibilities, there are at least a few notable sites within close proximity, like Fort Napoleon.

Another important factor to consider: Bois Joli Restaurant is located directly on Anse Crawen.

Nearby Restaurants

If you and your group are hoping to find another restaurant in the region that has some similar kinds of food and/or a similar ambiance, there is no lack of nearby places to choose from, including Couleurs du Monde.

However, if you're in the mood for a change of pace, this section of Terre-de-Haut boasts an excellent range of food and drink venues that will satisfy nearly any kind of diner. For example, you could also try Creole fare at La Case aux Epices, which is a short distance away east.

Cost and Credit Cards Accepted

At Bois Joli Restaurant you can get one entree, two main dishes, a cheese plate, and dessert for 69 euros. Bois Joli Restaurant accepts most major credit cards.

Contact Info

Location: Terre De Haut, Terre-de-Haut

Phone: 59-0995038




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