Terre de Haut Transportation Options

Transportation options on Terre de Haut are fewer than elsewhere in Guadeloupe

Diving, sun bathing, and a charming yet cosmopolitan atmosphere are some of the top reasons Terre de Haut is such a popular tourist destination among the islands of Guadeloupe.  Because this destination is located just off the coast of the country's most populated island, taking the time to ensure your transportation arrangements are in place is more important than you might think.

Air Travel

An airstrip is located just outside the village center of Bourg des Saintes, however, most visitors end up flying to the airport on nearby Pointe a Pitre and then taking the ferry over to the island.  It is also possible to hire a charter so that you can fly the entire way.  Learn more by clicking here


Terre de Haut is big in the sailing world, and serves as a common stop for visitors even if they aren't staying for long.  This island is not an official port of entry, but there are plenty in the island chain, including in Basse Terre, Marie Galante, and Pointe a Pitre.  Gaining clearance is not a difficult process.  You need a clearance form from your last port of call, the boat's official registration, and passports for everyone aboard.  When officials have reviewed everything, you'll be able to cruise throughout the islands and head to Terre de Haut. 


While cruise ships don't typically dock at Terre de Haut, if you're interested in visiting this island you can sail to the terminals on Grande Terre or Basse Terre, then take the ferry over.  The trip will take less than an hour, and the cost is low.  Many cruise lines also offer excursions hosted by staff members to this destination. 

Rental Cars

Cars on Terre de Haut are rare, limiting the number of rental cars that are available.  Most people, then, will rent a scooter to get around.  This is actually preferable to most because the streets can be narrow, but if you're traveling with a large party you may consider using minibuses which you can read about below. 


Full-sized vehicles are rare on Terre de Haut, and this includes taxi services.  It is rare that you'll find one on the island, so renting a scooter will likely be your main way of getting around.  If you do happen upon a cab, going rates are 1 Euro per minute, which can add up quickly.  


Terre de Haut connects daily with Pointe a Pitre, Grande Terre via ferry. L'Express des Iles offers the service, leaving from Pointe a Pitre at 7:50 and 8:00 a.m., and returning at 3:45 and 4:00 p.m.  Costs are 24 Euros one way with each company.

Local ground transportation can be hard to come by on Terre de Haut, but if you take the time to learn about what is available, you should have no trouble making local options work for you.  


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