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All kind of travelers, from honeymooners and families to international film stars, travel to Anguilla to enjoy the quiet and seclusion of this small, peaceful island. Here you'll find world renowned hotels and resorts along with isolated villas and accommodating inns.

Prospective vacationers have a number of resources for finding the accommodations that best fit their vacation style. If you have your heart set on a particular amenity, look to our Best Hotels For pages, which rank the top hotels and resorts on Anguilla based on specific criteria. If you like the idea of rankings but are more interested in the overall appeal than special sectors, our Star Ratings pages could be just the ticket.


Accommodations Map

Hotels and resorts in Anguilla are mostly located on the south and north coasts of the island though there are a few on the interior. As you search for information about reserving your hotel room of choice, keep in mind that many web sites that allow you to book your travel on-line will often list hotels as being in a recognizable city, when in fact, the hotel is miles away. It is always best to inquire specifically with the hotel you are considering to ensure it is located where you think it is.

The southern coast, from east to west, consists of Sandy Ground, West End, Rendezvous Bay, and Blowing Point. Each of these cities is populated with a variety of resort, villa, and apartment accommodations, so finding your home-away-from-home will hardly be a struggle.

In the center of Anguilla is The Valley. This is where the central business district is located, so guests traveling on business will want to locate a hotel in this area.

To the north is Shoal Bay and Island Harbour. Shoal Bay and Island Harbour are teeming with hotels, inns, and villas, but as you move to the northeast section of Anguilla you'll discover a remote area of beaches but very few lodgings. Guests who want to experience this side of the island would do well to book a hotel in a larger city and make the commute.

Although accommodations tend to be expensive in Anguilla, travelers can find lodging that caters to smaller budgets. Travelers who wish to enjoy Anguilla at any cost will find world class hotels and rental villas to create an unforgettable vacation experience.


Allamanda Beach Club

Anguilla offers hotel possibilities that will appeal to almost every type of visitor. Pick from budget hotels, luxury resorts, and plenty more in between. For guests who plan on going off their diet a bit, you can find a handful of hotels with terrific on-site dining. Read further info about them by clicking on their names.

One of the top picks in Anguilla to find convenient dining is Viceroy Anguilla. The newly built resort offers housing in a variety of styles and accommodations, from oceanfront villas to beachfront suites to bluff-top guestrooms. With gourmet-class food at the on-site restaurants, freshwater swimming pools, a spa and fitness center, and family-based programs, this facility is the best of all worlds: modern, luxurious, and breathtaking. Despite its age, Viceroy Anguilla is already being ranked as one of the best hotels in the world. If you are looking for something specific and want to call before making reservations, you can do so at (264) 497-7000.

One place positioned on the waterfront that travelers often enjoy is CuisinArt Resort & Spa. Relax the body, mind, and spirit at the CuisinArt Resort & Spa on Anguilla, a hotel offering perfect Caribbean vistas from its resort complex designed in the style of the Greek isles for optimum relaxation. The extras at this hotel are astounding, so much so that Conde Nast Traveler and Travel + Leisure both ranked this property as one of the top in the Caribbean in 2013. If you would like to call in advance, you can do so at (264) 498-2000.

Guests who are in search of good on-site dining should check out Cap Juluca. This newly renovated facility has blossomed into a truly stunning property, complete with lavish guest rooms, a sprawling library selection, relaxing lounge areas, thousands of delightful flowers and more. This facility takes every measure imaginable to ensure that guests have the most luxurious service and in 2013, Conde Nast Traveler recognized the hard work that goes into creating this space by rating it as one of the top properties in the Caribbean. If you want to know more, call them at (264) 497-6666.

Anguilla has other choices too. To read our complete guide to hotels on the island, visit this page.

Condos and Villa Complexes

There are non-standard hotel lodging possibilities on the island, including a condominium building and several villa complexes. Avid beach-goers will generally have convenient access to the beach, as a lot of the villas and other accommodations are located on the shore.

Travelers looking to stay in Anguilla should consider opportunities like Villa Sheriva at Sheriton Estates. A four-diamond resort which takes the word 'exclusive' to new heights. The accommodations are staggering and chic, from suites to villas, and offer every guest the chance to experience luxury at its utmost. There is also a long list of amenities available to guests of the resort, including several that can't be found elsewhere. To contact them, call (809) 264-4989 ext. 898.

A place located on the water's edge that you could consider is Shoal Bay Villas. The suites are comfortable and casual, in style, and just a step away from the beach. The hotel's ample amenities are guaranteed to make your stay easy and slow paced, creating a laid back, relaxing beachfront holiday that is great for couples and families. You can call them at (264) 497-2051.

If you would rather book a stay at a top-notch property, Altamer Villas is probably a good spot to begin your search. Altamer Villas are contemporary dwellings in Anguilla that welcome hip vacationers with an eye for design. The villas are located on a private island setting, feature contemporary architecture, rare art, and modern amenities. If you are looking for something specific and want to call in advance, do so at (264) 498-4000.

Anguilla offers plenty of other villa complexes. Click here to read our page concerning these types of accommodations on the island.

You can alternatively see a complete collection of the accommodations found around Caribbean here.

Individual Villas

Some vacationers always favor the seclusion offered by one of the rental homes. To reach our complete guide to rental properties on Anguilla, visit this page.

All-Inclusive Accommodations

Some travelers prefer the simplicity of an all-inclusive price. There are multiple reasons why these plans are so popular. For instance, they offer a hassle-free way of planning a vacation. The two choices just below are the only all-inclusive properties available here.

For vacationers searching to enjoy an active bar scene, Anguilla Great House Beach Resort is one spot you may want to consider. Elegant rooms decorated in a 'Caribbean Gingerbread' style offer spacious rooms that are comfortably equipped with patios for long hours of lounging and relaxation. Amenities come both in-room and beach-side. You can call them at (264) 497-6061.

Vacationers hoping to stay in Anguilla will be interested in opportunities like Ani Villas. Forget about your busy life back home and enter a world unlike any other when you book at stay at Ani Villas. With a staff prepared to handle every single last service you can think of and the possibility of catering to parties of up to 100 people, this is truly a unique destination. If you want to call before you go, you can do so at (264) 497-7888.

While all-inclusive pricing almost always includes food, other amenities can vary widely. Avoid surprises -- do a little research to confirm what's included in the price you've been quoted.


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