What's Near Kamique Villas

Often, people have decided to come to Anguilla in anticipation of seeing the incredible beaches that the region is known for. Many guests are excited to learn that this property is directly on the waterfront, so you won't have to go very far to experience first hand what makes the area such a popular vacation destination.

Nearby Beaches

Little Harbour

Obviously, since Kamique Villas is located directly on Little Harbour, relaxing at the water's edge is popular with guests staying at this property. Little Harbour is aptly named. It's not a big beach or a long one. For vacationers who are eager for some variety, the following options each offer something a little different. Clicking on each link below allows you to view a detailed discussion:

Beaches Near Kamique Villas
Beach Distance Direction Location
Elsie Bay Beach 0.9 NE 1.9 mi. South-Southwest of the Valley
Blowing Point Beach 1.4 SW 0.4 mi. South of Blowing Point
Road Bay 1.5 NW Sandy Ground Village
Corito Bay Beach 1.5 ENE 1.6 mi. South of the Valley
Sandy Ground Beach 1.6 NW Sandy Ground Village
Sandy Point Beach 1.7 SW 0.5 mi. South of Blowing Point
Katouche Bay Beach 2.0 N North Hill Village
Forest Bay North 2.1 ENE Forest Bay
Rendezvous Bay 2.6 W Rendezvous Bay
Crocus Bay 2.7 N 1.0 mi. West-Northwest of the Valley
Little Bay 3.1 N 1.4 mi. Northwest of the Valley
Sandy Island Beach 3.4 NW 2.0 mi. West-Northwest of Sandy Ground Village
Merrywing Bay Beach 3.4 W Rendezvous Bay
Limestone Bay Beach 3.5 N 1.7 mi. Northwest of the Valley
Blackgarden Bay Beach 3.7 N 1.8 mi. North-Northwest of the Valley
Cove Bay 4.1 W Cove Bay
Meads Bay 4.3 W Meads Bay
Dropsey Bay Beach 4.3 ENE 2.5 mi. East of the Valley
Maundays Bay Beach 4.8 W Maundays Bay
Barnes Bay 4.9 W West End

The closest option is Elsie Bay Beach. Protected by Little Harbor on all sides, this calm bay sits along the island's south coast in an area that is relatively out of the way.

Nearby Areas

Guests who are interested to know about the surrounding area's offerings may want to know how far the nearby town or city is from their location. Kamique Villas is located in LockRum Bay, a neighborhood in Anguilla; it is 1.3 miles to the east-northeast of Blowing Point.

The table below lists the areas that are closest to Kamique Villas:

Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods Nearby
Area Name Distance Direction
Little Harbour 0.5 NE
George Hill 1.2 NNE
Blowing Point 1.3 WSW
South Hill 1.4 WNW
Sandy Ground Village 1.6 NW
North Hill Village 1.6 N
Forest Bay 1.9 ENE
Lower South Hill 1.9 WNW
Shaddick Point 2.2 WSW
Crocus Hill 2.4 N

Nearby Attractions

Old Fort at Sandy Hill

Vacationers who want to enjoy plenty of activities during their trip to Anguilla will quickly learn that Kamique Villas is a great starting point for their adventures. Yes, this area is simply full of different attractions to try, like Old Factory, Wallblake House, and Coronation Park. Of the three nearby attractions, the closest is Old Factory.

With quite a few attractions near this vacation spot, you don't have to limit yourself; more of the nearest attractions are listed in the following table.

Attractions Near Kamique Villas
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Old Factory Historical Site 2.8 NE The Valley
Wallblake House Museum 2.3 NE The Valley
Coronation Park Park 2.6 NNE The Valley
Warden's Place Historical Site 2.6 NNE 0.7 mi. West-Northwest of the Valley
Dropsey Bay Cave Cave 4.4 ENE 2.5 mi. East of the Valley
Old Fort at Sandy Hill Historical Site 4.5 ENE 2.6 mi. East of the Valley
Old Salt Factory and Pump House Historical Site 1.7 NW Sandy Ground Village
Heritage Museum Collection Museum 6.8 NE Island Harbour
Goat Cave Cave 8.9 NE 6.5 mi. Northeast of the Valley

If you're on the lookout for an enjoyable experience, Old Factory is an option worth considering. One of the major businesses in Anguilla for a time was the exportation of cotton to England. Old Factory is a still standing reminder of this trade, serving as the historic spot where a great deal of the island's cotton was ginned.

Nearby Accommodations

When you're deciding where to book your stay, it is often helpful to learn about nearby accommodation options in order to better understand the area. Even though you'll only find one other place to stay in this part of Anguilla, the tranquil surroundings here are what make it an ideal option for guests hoping to find a peaceful destination.


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