Shopping in The Valley

Gifts and Souvenirs

Be sure to look at the table below to read more about gift and souvenir shops that you'll find in this area.

Gifts and Souvenirs On Anguilla
Name Phone Location
Anguilla National Trust Gift Shop (264) 497-5054 The Valley, Central Anguilla
Anguilla Sea Salt Company (264) 498-7258 1.7 mi. North-Northwest of Central East End
Cards Plus (264) 497-0225 Anguilla
Caribbean Silk Screen (264) 497-2272 1.0 mi. North of Central Blowing Point
Le Petit Giftshop (264) 497-3730 The Valley, Central Anguilla
Sea Spray Gifts and Smoothies (264) 497-7293 North Hill Village, Central Anguilla

Specialty Shops

One of the area's popular speciality shops is The Galleria at World Art and Antiques. This shopping venue is located within the Valley, in central Anguilla. One of the most varied array of artwork and antiques in Anguilla can be found at World Art and Antiques. This locale exhibits everything from antique Asian ceramics and classic jades to African masks, and even rare textiles from India, Indonesia, and the rest of Asia. Guests will find them on West End Road.

Another good option is Savannah Gallery, which is found within a mile to the west-northwest of The Galleria at World Art and Antiques. Paintings, engravings, and photography created by artists from Anguilla and neighboring islands is housed at Savannah Gallery, which also shows wood carvings and sculptures on occasion. They are located on Coronation Avenue.

CuisinArt Resort and Spa Art Gallery: Privileged guests of the CuisinArt Resort and Spa Art Gallery are welcome to peruse the collection of world-famous artwork by such famous Italian names as Antonio Biancalani, Antonio Terruso and Antonio Di Viccaro. If you want to call ahead, you can do so at (264) 498-2000.

The following chart enables you to learn more details on the 14 specialty shops located in Anguilla.

Specialty Shops On Anguilla
Name Type Phone Location
ALAK Art Gallery Art Gallery (264) 497-7270 2.4 mi. Northeast of Central the Valley
Anguilla Arts and Crafts Shop Art Gallery (264) 497-2200 Stoney Ground, Central Anguilla
Art Cafe Art Gallery (264) 497-8595 1.7 mi. North of Central East End
Bartlett's Collection Art Gallery (264) 235-7293 Sandy Ground Village, Central Anguilla
Cheddie's Carving Studio Art Gallery (264) 497-6027 1.0 mi. Northeast of Central Meads Bay
CuisinArt Resort and Spa Art Gallery Art Gallery (264) 498-2000 1.5 mi. West of Central Blowing Point
Devonish Art Gallery Art Gallery (264) 497-2949 0.9 mi. South West of Central Meads Bay
Diamonds International Jewelry Store -- Central Anguilla
Elegante Jewellery Shop Jewelry Store (264) 497-2074 Stoney Ground, Central Anguilla
Pineapple Gallery Art Gallery (264) 497-3609 Sandy Ground Village, Central Anguilla
Savannah Gallery Art Gallery (264) 497-2263 Central Anguilla
Tackle Box Sports Centre Fishing Equipment and Tackle Shop (264) 497-2896 Stoney Ground, Central Anguilla
The Galleria at World Art and Antiques Art Gallery (264) 497-5950 The Valley, Central Anguilla
World Fabrics Fabric, Sewing and Needlework Supplies Store (264) 497-3154 1.2 mi. North-Northwest of Central Blowing Point

Clothing and Apparel

Want to shop for some clothing? Perhaps you would enjoy Emmy's Kiddies Boutique -- it's situated in Sandy Ground Village, in central Anguilla. A huge variety of clothing for young boys and girls, shoes, and accessories are available at Emmy's. If you are looking to call ahead of time, do so at (264) 497-2067.

Another good option is ZaZaa Boutique & Petitie ZaZaa -- which is located easily reached by taxi to the south west of Emmy's Kiddies Boutique. Patrons who enter ZaZaa Boutique are bombarded with jewelry, clothing, artwork, and other novelties made right in Anguilla. Everything is top of the line and made to hold up for years. They are located on West End Road .

A third apparel shop you might enjoy is Limin Boutique. Modeled after a shop you might find in Nantucket, this boutique offers truly beach-y vibe. Not only it is bright and airy in decor, but all of the items that they have for sale either draw from the beach or would be a great addition to your day at the beach. They're located on Main Road.

Check out the following chart to learn more.

Clothing and Apparel On Anguilla
Name Type Phone Location
A & S Sports Wear General Clothing Store (264) 497-8803 Stoney Ground, Central Anguilla
Ashani's Shoe Box Shoe Store (264) 497-0864 Stoney Ground, Central Anguilla
Azemmour Boutique Boutique (264) 497-8852 1.3 mi. South-Southwest of Central Meads Bay
Beach'N Stuff Swimwear, Beachwear and Sportswear Store (264) 498-3224 Stoney Ground, Central Anguilla
Emmy's Kiddies Boutique Boutique (264) 497-2067 Sandy Ground Village, Central Anguilla
Fashion Closet Clothing Store (264) 497-8252 Stoney Ground, Central Anguilla
Imanisha's Intimate Apparel & Body Shop Lingerie Store (264) 498-2110 Stoney Ground, Central Anguilla
Irie Life General Clothing Store (264) 497-6526 0.9 mi. North of Central Blowing Point
Janvel's Boutique Boutique (264) 497-2221 Blowing Point, Southwestern part of Anguilla
Jus Bangin Boutique Boutique (264) 497-2804 1.4 mi. East of Central Blowing Point
Kimmey's Fashion Boutique General Clothing Store (264) 497-3876 Stoney Ground, Central Anguilla
Limin Boutique Boutique (264) 53-3733 0.5 mi. East of Central Meads Bay
Safety Step Clothing Store (264) 497-4663 George Hill, Central Anguilla
Shop 4 Less Department Store Supermarket Department Store (264) 498-6060 North Hill Village, Central Anguilla
ZaZaa Boutique & Petitie ZaZaa Boutique (264) 497-6049 1.6 mi. South West of Central Meads Bay

Food and Grocery

Need to pick up some food supplies? City Liquors is located within Stoney Ground, in central Anguilla. Serving the island since 1984, City Liquors bills itself as your one stop shop for all of your party needs. Visitors will be able to find them on Wall Blake Road.

A second possibility is Mag's Cake Decor & Baking Supplies, which is found 1.7 mi. (2.7 km) to the west of City Liquors. Meg's Cake Decor & Baking Supplies not only serves homemade breads, pastries, and desserts every day, but they sell the supplies you need in order to create these same items in your own home. If you want to call before you go, you can do so at (264) 497-5773.

Ashley & Sons Blowing Point: Your typical small, family-owned grocery, everything you need to keep the kitchen stocked is available here. The property is situated on Blowing Point Road.

You might want to look through the following chart for more information about your options.

Food and Grocery Stores On Anguilla
Name Type Phone Location
Albert Marketplace Grocery Store (264) 497-2240 The Quarter, Central Anguilla
Anguilla Liquors & Tobacco Ltd. Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (264) 497-2974 Stoney Ground, Central Anguilla
Ashley & Sons Blowing Point Grocery Store (264) 497-2641 0.3 mi. South of Central Blowing Point
Ashley's & Son's the Valley Grocery Store (264) 497-2641 The Valley, Central Anguilla
City Liquors Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (264) 497-2964 Stoney Ground, Central Anguilla
Food Ninety-Five Grocery Store (264) 497-6196 1.0 mi. South West of Central Meads Bay
Hungry's Fish Depot Fish and Seafood Market (264) 498-5041 Stoney Ground, Central Anguilla
Le Petit Patissier Bakery (264) 497-2930 The Valley, Central Anguilla
Les Grandes Vins De France Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store -- 1.1 mi. Northwest of Central Blowing Point
Mag's Cake Decor & Baking Supplies Bakery (264) 497-5773 Central Anguilla
Mary's Bakery Bakery (264) 497-2318 Stoney Ground, Central Anguilla
Merchant's Market Grocery Store (264) 497-5533 The Valley, Central Anguilla
Proctor's Market Grocery Store (264) 497-2445 The Valley, Central Anguilla
Sugar & Spice Bakery Bakery (264) 497-0099 George Hill, Central Anguilla
The Fishery Fish and Seafood Market (264) 497-3170 Stoney Ground, Central Anguilla

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