How to Reach Tobago by Airplane

There are only so many ways to reach Tobago, and flying is one of them

There are not many options when it comes to flying into Tobago yet it is arguably the preferred method of reaching the island. Due to a limited number of routes, tourists are limited to how exactly they can reach Tobago's airport.

Located off the coast of Trinidad, Tobago relies heavily on the Piarco International Airport, which brings hundreds of thousands of tourists into the Trinidad and Tobago nation every year. In fact, most tourists that come flying to Tobago will have to first pass through Trinidad.

Flying to Tobago from the US

As mentioned, most tourists, including those flying from the United States, will generally go through Trinidad before reaching Tobago. However, some American citizens will be able to avoid this thanks to seasonal flights out of New York's JFK airport that flies directly to A. N. R. Robinson International Airport on Tobago. The flights are limited, but if you plan ahead, you will be able to skip over the busy airport of Piarco. Robinson International is open daily from 6:20 a.m. to 9:45 p.m. and rarely welcomes more than 60 flights a week.

Flying to Tobago from Canada

There are no direct flights between Canada and Tobago. You might be able to make a transfer in New York and catch one of the few flights between JFK and Tobago, but most likely you will need to fly to Trinidad first.

Flying to Tobago from Europe

Europeans might actually have a better chance at getting a direct flight to Tobago, as there are two airports in the region that occasionally offer flights. Gatwick in London, and Frankfurt both have direct flights that you can try to book. Don't get your hopes up, though -- it is far more common to have to make a transfer.

If you'll be flying from Europe the following list will be useful.

A. N. R. Robinson International Airport European Flights
To/From Airport Code Airlines
London, United Kingdom LGW Virgin Airlines

Flying to Tobago from the Caribbean

Even from the Caribbean, flying direct to Tobago just does not happen very often. The main flight travelers will take is the one from Trinidad to Tobago that happens several times a day.

See the table below for a complete list of air service from other airports in the region. If there are no flights directly from an airport near you, taking a connecting flight from a regional airport might prove to be a great option.

A. N. R. Robinson International Airport Caribbean Flights
To/From Airport Code Airlines
Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda ANU British Airways
Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago POS Caribbean Airlines

The following table shows how to get a hold of some of the regional air charter companies.

Charter Operators
Name Phone Location Island
Abaco Air Charter (242) 367-2266 Marsh Harbour Tobago
Aviation Services Of Grenada (473) 439-0681 Maurice Bishop Intl Airport - Calliste Grenada
Monarch Air Group at BGI (877) 359-6732 Grantley Adams International Airport - Charnocks Barbados
SVG Main Office -- ET Joshua Airport - St. Vincent St. Vincent

Trinidad and Tobago go hand in hand, even when it comes to air travel. Although there are a few ways to fly internationally to Tobago, most people will find that flying through the airport on Trinidad is the easiest option for them in the long run.


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