All Inclusive Resorts on Tobago

Small Tobago can still offer all the luxury of its big neighbors

Le Grand Courlan Spa Resort

All-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean offer their guests complete vacation packages. Everything from meals to daily activities are available through the hotel. Guests can have breakfast, then skip off to the beach before an afternoon of windsurfing followed by a late lunch. Dinner and drinks can provide a perfect end to a day spent relaxing by the ocean.

Many all-inclusive resorts contain a number of different restaurants, allowing you to choose among different prices and cuisine types. Family-style buffets are popular and often serve different kinds of international and Caribbean cuisine. In addition, many all-inclusives also offer more upscale options for dining, with talented chefs preparing inventive international cuisines. Friendly wait staff usually complete the experience. Breakfast, important for providing energy for an active day on Tobago, can often be cooked to order.

Some travelers prefer the added certainty of paying for everything on a single bill. There are multiple explanations why these plans are successful. For instance, they avoid the need to prepare a detailed budget. Click their names to compare their dining options, activities, and amenities.

Avid tennis players will like the idea of staying at Coco Reef Resort and Spa, since they have some excellent tennis facilities on-site The hotel's architecture was designed to reflect the native style of Trinidad & Tobago with infinite luxury and lavish furnishings. Guests will find exquisite hand-crafted details throughout the hotel. If you want to know more, call them at (868) 639-8571.

A noteworthy location along the coast that is worth considering is Grafton Beach Resort. A family-friendly resort located on a one-mile stretch of a sweeping, picturesque palm-fringed bay, on the Caribbean Sea side of the Island, this affordable resort is off-the-beaten-path and perfect for persons and families who love nature without having to sacrifice modern conveniences. They are located at 16 Cotton Hill.

For visitors wanting to stay somewhere with an active bar scene, Rex Resorts Turtle Beach is one location you may want to consider. Escape the bustling crowds and relax in paradise at Rex Resorts Turtle Beach. Set among lush gardens and facing the Caribbean, this beachfront hotel is a tranquil oasis for travelers seeking a serene vacation experience. Visitors can contact them at (868) 639-2851.

The chart below has some key facts concerning the all-inclusive choices that you'll find on the island.

All-Inclusive Accommodations On Tobago
Name Type Phone Number Star Rating Location
Blue Waters Inn Hotel (868) 660-4341


0.7 mi. Northeast of Central Speyside
Coco Reef Resort and Spa Resort (868) 639-8571


1.0 mi. West of Central Bon Accord
Grafton Beach Resort Resort (868) 639-0191


1.2 mi. Northeast of Central Mt. Irvine
Hotel Tropikist Beach Hotel (868) 639-8512


1.3 mi. West of Central Bon Accord
Le Grand Courlan Spa Resort Resort (868) 639-9667


1.1 mi. Northeast of Central Mt. Irvine
Magdalena Grand Beach Resort Resort (868) 660-8500


3.5 mi. South West of Central downtown Scarborough
Rex Resorts Turtle Beach Resort (868) 639-2851


3.5 mi. Northwest of Central downtown Scarborough

All-inclusive lodgings offer a variety of vacation amenities for one flat price; however, these prices include different things at different locations.

Prospective guests at an all-inclusive should review the quoted price to find out if service charges and taxes are included. Most hotels add on significant tax and service charges - up to 25 percent - and these could inflate your bill at the end of your stay. Researching the hotel policies and charges will let you know exactly what you will be paying for.

You should know what kind of crowd the all-inclusive generally attracts to see if the location is appropriate for your style of vacation. Some all-inclusives cater to singles; others primarily host families.

Eco-tourism and exploring undeveloped areas on Tobago can keep visitors very busy. While all-inclusive resorts are not widespread on Tobago, select resorts that offer meal plans, recreational activities, and other amenities can be found in Black Rock and Scarborough in Tobago. Rates can start at around $250(USD) per room per night, and climb above $1,500(USD) per room per night.

Many travelers to Tobago want to tour different areas of the island and spend time staying in accommodations near natural attractions or in secluded beach villages. These visitors will likely not want to stay in all-inclusive resorts. For travelers who will be renting a car and who want to see the islands' flora, fauna, and culture, a simple room can serve as base for all your excursions. All-inclusives can be convenient and luxurious but can also make it difficult to experience the unique culture, people, and food of the islands.


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