What's Near Birdie's Nest

The sparkling beaches on Tobago are undoubtedly the most alluring attractions that the islands have to offer. Therefore, most guests are delighted that Birdie's Nest is situated directly on the water, so you won't have to go out of the way to enjoy the pleasant coast.

Nearby Beaches

Naturally, since Birdie's Nest is located directly on Turtle Beach, spending time at the shore is one of the main attractions here. Turtle Beach serves as Turtle Beach Resort's own personal sandy play ground as well as a nesting ground for leatherback sea turtles. On any given day, the beach can be crowded with hotel guests sun bathing, swimming, snorkeling, and participating in various other land and water sports. For vacationers who are eager for some variety, there are some additional beaches worth investigating. Click the names below to view our detailed article:

Beaches Near Birdie's Nest
Beach Distance Direction Location
Stone Haven Bay 0.2 S 3.5 mi. West-Northwest of Scarborough
Great Courland Bay 0.9 NNE 3.6 mi. Northwest of Scarborough
Back Bay 1.2 SW 4.1 mi. West of Scarborough
Plymouth Beach 1.3 NE Plymouth
Mt. Irvine Beach 2.4 SW Mt. Irvine Bay
Little Rockley Bay 3.5 S 2.9 mi. South West of Scarborough
Pigeon Point 4.5 SW 7.0 mi. West of Scarborough
Bacolet Bay Beach 4.8 SE Bacolet
King Peter's Bay Beach 4.9 NE 4.7 mi. North of Scarborough
Store Bay 5.0 SW Crown Point

Stone Haven Bay is the closest choice to consider near these accommodations. Bodysurfing and swimming in the waters of Stone Haven Bay is a refreshing and fun way to release any stress and tension that you may be carrying around from back home. Renting a canoe to explore the deep waters further out is also a possibility, making this beach one of the most versatile on the island.

If instead you're looking for a more secluded spot of sand, Little Rockley Bay may be just what you're looking for. More than just a place to take a swim or sun bathe, Little Rockley Bay is perfect for a good jog or a slow stroll down the shore. Likewise, many watersports are available on the western end where kite surfing is especially popular. It's located three and a half miles south of the property.

Nearby Areas

Hopping over to a town or community that neighbors your villa complex can act as a nice day trip, whether you're interested in seeing a famous natural attraction, or dining with locals at their authentic restaurants. Birdie's Nest is found in Black Rock, a village close to downtown Scarborough; it is three and a half miles (six kilometers) to the west-northwest of Scarborough.

The areas found closest to Birdie's Nest are listed below.

Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods Nearby
Area Name Distance Direction
Plymouth 1.2 NE
Mt. Irvine Bay 1.5 SW
Buccoo 2.3 SW
Coopers Town 3.1 ENE
Scarborough 3.6 ESE
downtown Scarborough 3.7 ESE
Golden Lake 4.1 NE
Tobago Plantations 4.1 S
Bon Accord 4.5 SW
Bacolet 4.9 ESE

Nearby Attractions

Tobago Forest Reserve

Birdie's Nest is a wonderful lodging option for active tourists. There are a good amount of activities to be found when exploring near this lodging. You will find that this region is simply full of places for travelers to explore, like Twin Rivers Waterfall Hiking Trail, Twin Rivers Waterfall, and Green Hill Waterfall Hiking Trail, to name a few. Of the three, the closest is Twin Rivers Waterfall Hiking Trail.

There are plenty of other attractions to keep all kinds of travelers happy; find them shown in the table below.

Attractions Near Birdie's Nest
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Twin Rivers Waterfall Hiking Trail Hiking Trail -- -- 6.7 mi. Northeast of Scarborough
Twin Rivers Waterfall Waterfall 9.5 E 7.0 mi. East-Northeast of Scarborough
Green Hill Waterfall Hiking Trail Hiking Trail -- -- 4.6 mi. East-Northeast of Scarborough
Tobago Forest Reserve Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 10.7 ENE 8.7 mi. Northeast of Scarborough
Green Hill Waterfall Waterfall 7.6 E 4.6 mi. East-Northeast of Scarborough
Rainbow Waterfall Waterfall 9.9 E 7.0 mi. East-Northeast of Scarborough
Highland Waterfall Waterfall 4.5 ENE 3.2 mi. North-Northeast of Scarborough
Craig Hall Waterfall Waterfall 5.0 E Mason Hall
Argyle Waterfall Waterfall 13.5 E 10.9 mi. East-Northeast of Scarborough
Fort King George Historical Site 4.4 ESE Scarborough
Fort George Lighthouse 4.4 ESE Scarborough
Fort Bennett Historical Site -- -- Black Rock
Crown Point Lighthouse Lighthouse 5.8 SW Crown Point

If you're on the lookout for an interesting place to visit, Twin Rivers Waterfall is an alternative worth considering. One of the favored waterfall hikes on the island of Tobago is Twin Rivers because it is beautiful and rewarding without being dangerous or strenuous. The falls were so named because the rive that the falls rain into join with another large tributary shortly after the falls, and it is a magnificent sight to behold.

Nearby Accommodations

Getting info about nearby hotel booking possibilities is sometimes an easy means of getting a feel for the area as whole. Readers will find plenty of additional places to consider before coming to a decision, as this part of Tobago offers guests a sweeping range of hotels and resorts to pick from. Learn about all of the area's hotel booking possibilities by viewing the table below.

Accommodations near Birdie's Nest
Accommodation Distance Direction Location
Mirage Tobago 0.2 NE Black Rock, Tobago
Grafton Beach Resort 0.4 S 3.5 mi. West-Northwest of Scarborough, Tobago
Le Grand Courlan Spa Resort 0.4 S 3.5 mi. West-Northwest of Scarborough, Tobago
Rex Resorts Turtle Beach 0.7 NE 3.4 mi. Northwest of Scarborough, Tobago
Cocrico Inn 1.0 NNE Plymouth, Tobago
Mount Irvine Bay Hotel & Golf Club 1.4 SSW 3.9 mi. West of Scarborough, Tobago
Tobago Island Suites 2.1 SSW 4.3 mi. West of Scarborough, Tobago
Old Grange Inn 2.1 SSW 4.3 mi. West of Scarborough, Tobago
Footprints Eco Resort 3.5 NE 4.1 mi. North of Scarborough, Tobago
Magdalena Grand Beach Resort 4.2 S Tobago Plantations, Tobago

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