Food Options for Guests staying at Cuffie River Retreat

Adding a little spice to your vacation is as easy as visiting an acclaimed local restaurant.

One restaurant is located at Cuffie River Retreat, Cuffie River Nature Retreat Restaurant, where guests can have a great dining experience without stepping foot off the property.

The food at the Cuffie River Nature Retreat and Eco-lodge is in perfect harmony with its theme. Local raw foods are combined with other fresh and frozen items to create a unique culinary experience. The resort restaurant serves breakfast and supper, and a light lunch.

Nearby Dining

You will find Cuffie River Retreat located close to quite a few places that appeal to tourists, including a wide variety of restaurants. A few of the closest off-site locations where you can find food are B'S Ice Cream Tobago, where you can dine on ice cream and eclectic cuisine, and Blue Crab Restaurant & Bar. The closer of the two, B'S Ice Cream Tobago, is 4.9 miles from the lodging. To see more of the closest restaurants to Cuffie River Retreat, look at the table below.

Restaurants near Cuffie River Retreat
Restaurant Name Phone Style Distance Direction
B'S Ice Cream Tobago (868) 660-2227 -- 4.9 mi. (7.8 km) SW
Blue Crab Restaurant & Bar (868) 639-2737 -- 4.9 mi. (7.8 km) SW
Bon Mange T (868) 639-3288 -- 4.9 mi. (7.8 km) SW
Cottage Restaurant & Bar (868) 648-3329 -- 4.9 mi. (7.8 km) SW
Dencil's Dinette (868) 635-0505 -- 4.9 mi. (7.8 km) SW
Elizabeth's Famous Island Gourmet Restaurant & Bar (868) 660-7103 -- 4.9 mi. (7.8 km) SW
Flavor Pot Restaurant (868) 639-2753 -- 4.9 mi. (7.8 km) SW
G A M Food Services Limited (868) 639-4000 -- 4.9 mi. (7.8 km) SW
Jack In The Box (868) 639-3360 -- 4.9 mi. (7.8 km) SW
Jatt's Harbour Wok Chinese Restaurant (868) 639-2745 -- 4.9 mi. (7.8 km) SW
KFC Scarborough (868) 639-2374 Very Casual 4.9 mi. (7.8 km) SW
Lal Daniel (868) 639-1059 -- 4.9 mi. (7.8 km) SW

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