Tobago Ferries

For most people, getting to Tobago means riding the ferry

Tobago lies off the coast of Trinidad, connected to the rest of the country by an airport and a ferry dock. For many tourist, taking the slow ferry between the two islands is an iconic part of any visit to this dual island nation.

Riding the Ferries

Tobago relies heavily on ferry service from Trinidad, as it transports many of its tourists to the island every day. This is thanks, in large part, due to the reliable service offered by the Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago. Guests will be able to take this ferry without much hassle, in both cases docking right in the middle of the action, in either Port of Spain in Trinidad or Scarborough on Tobago. From the dock on Tobago, you will have no problem finding rental cars, taxis, or any other kind of transportation you need.

Scarborough Ferry Port is the one ferry dock in the area. Reach them at (868) 639-2417; you'll find the dock just outside the heart of Tobago.

Ferry Routes, Tobago
Location Served Dock A Dock B Company Frequency
Port of Spain Scarborough Ferry Port Port Of Spain Ferry Dock Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago at least daily

The ferry runs routinely, offers car transfers, and is extremely popular thanks to the low price. A regular ticked for an adult is 37.50 Trinidad Dollars, which is a little less than $6 American. With prices like these it is hard not to take advantage. Take a look at the table below for more price information.

Tobago Ferry Fares
Ticket TypeFare (in Trinidad Dollars)
Adult - Cabin TT $80.00
Adult - Economy TT $37.50
Child TT $18.75
Vehicle One Way TT $150.00
Vehicle Round Trip TT $250.00

The reliable service, convenient location, and unbeatable price all help solidify the ferry as a must do, even if just for the journey.


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