Green Moray

Although temporarily closed for renovations, the Green Moray Restaurant, located in the center of the Moray Lodge Property, is where guests get each day started right, and join together once again to mingle and eat good food each night.


Local favorites including Pigeon Pea Soup, Pelau, and Roti are what you'll find on the menu at Green Moray Restaurant. Hot and spicy is they way they like their food on Tobago, but you can ask for something that won't make your mouth burn if you are so inclined. Their food consists of mostly fresh caught seafood and lobster which has been caught by their own staff!, grilled food such as steak, lamb and chicken with plentiful local side dishes including fried plantain, breadfruit, fresh garden salads made with vegetables that are grown on the estate. Lunches are local dishes such as curry chicken, stewed meats or fresh fish tacos, flying fish sandwiches, burgers and delicious sandwiches.

Green Moray is a popular bar and grill that happens to specialize in Caribbean cuisine. One can expect the setting and food here to be very casual. The option to eat here is on the table during breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so your family can enjoy this option at almost any meal.


Green Moray features bright, island style decor, with homey wooden chairs and floral printed table cloths that compliment the bright green doors and accents. Local steel drum bands are often on hand to play island music that really sets the tone. The ambiance is very casual and lively.


This restaurant is a part of Manta Lodge, which is situated on the island of Tobago, 0.3 miles north-northeast of Speyside; it is 16.0 miles to the northeast of Scarborough.

Visitors wanting to merge their dining experience with some pleasant sightseeing opportunities may enjoy visiting Fort Bennett. Note that if you're planning to visit, taking a taxi or having your own car may be necessary.

One point of interest found this neighborhood is Speyside North, a nearby beach, where you can give your feet a well-deserved break.

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Credit Cards and Other Info

Guests staying at Manta Lodge have the option of purchasing a dining plan, which will make breakfast $14.50(USD) per person and dinner $38.50(USD) per person, per day.

Green Moray accepts all major credit cards.

Contact Info

Location: Windward Road, Tobago

Phone: (868) 660-5268

Secondary Phone: (866) 486-2246




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