What's Near Johnston's Apartments

Often, travelers have decided to spend their vacations on Tobago in anticipation of seeing the sparkling beaches that the islands are so well known for. If all you can think about is the beach, Johnston's Apartments is just what you are looking for. This site is set along the shore, so visitors can spend every day soaking up the sun if that will make them happy.

Nearby Beaches

Store Bay

Naturally, since Johnston's Apartments is located directly on Store Bay, spending time at the shore is one of the main attractions here. Store Bay is located nearby a semi-popular resort area on the island of Tobago, and the crowds that reside there on a daily basis reflect this. Still, most visitors agree that everyone is respectful and friendly, and the crisp, calm waters are worth braving the small crowd. For guests who are eager for some variety, its not difficult to find another beach to experience. Clicking on each link below allows you to view a detailed page:

Beaches Near Johnston's
Beach Distance Direction Location
Sandy Point Beach 0.5 SW Crown Point
Crown Point 0.7 SE Crown Point
Pigeon Point 1.2 N 7.0 mi. West of Scarborough
Mt. Irvine Beach 2.9 NE Mt. Irvine Bay
Back Bay 4.1 NE 4.1 mi. West of Scarborough
Little Rockley Bay 4.8 E 2.9 mi. South West of Scarborough

Sandy Point Beach is the closest choice to consider near Johnston's Apartments. Just a stones throw away from the Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson Airport is Sandy Point Beach. If getting beach side is your top priority, this beach is so close that you can hop off the plane, grab your luggage, and go -- though you may want to drop your stuff off at your hotel first!

If you're interested in a beach where sunbathers can find plenty of privacy, Crown Point could be just what the doctor ordered. Because the Crown Point region of Trinidad is a hub for tourism (the airport is located here), it is fair to assume that the Crown Point Beach is a popular one. While this beach doesn't have the huge crowds that some other popular beaches in the Caribbean do, you can always expect to see a few other vacationers staking their claim in the sand. It's situated just a meager hike off.

Nearby Areas

Visiting the town or local neighborhood nearest to your apartment building can add a little variety to your vacation schedule, no matter if you're just exploring the area's hidden attractions, or experiencing the day in the life of a local. Johnston's Apartments is located in Crown Point, a village close to Bon Accord; it is 7.4 miles to the west of Scarborough.

The table below lists some of the areas near Johnston's Apartments.

Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods Nearby
Area Name Distance Direction
Bon Accord 1.1 E
Buccoo 3.0 NE
Mt. Irvine Bay 3.9 NE
Tobago Plantations 4.3 E
Black Rock 5.0 NE
Plymouth 6.5 NE
downtown Scarborough 7.3 E
Scarborough 7.4 E
Bacolet 8.2 E
Coopers Town 8.2 NE

Nearby Attractions

Fort King George

Travelers who are looking to try exciting activities during their trip to Tobago will find that Johnston's Apartments is in a great location for being active. You will soon notice that this particular region boasts plenty of places for travelers to explore, like Twin Rivers Waterfall Hiking Trail, Twin Rivers Waterfall, and Green Hill Waterfall Hiking Trail, to name a few. Of the three, the closest is Twin Rivers Waterfall Hiking Trail.

When it comes to finding area attractions that are just right for your family, it's best to know all your options, like those named in the following table.

Attractions Near Johnston's
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Twin Rivers Waterfall Hiking Trail Hiking Trail -- -- 6.7 mi. Northeast of Scarborough
Twin Rivers Waterfall Waterfall 14.2 ENE 7.0 mi. East-Northeast of Scarborough
Green Hill Waterfall Hiking Trail Hiking Trail -- -- 4.6 mi. East-Northeast of Scarborough
Green Hill Waterfall Waterfall 12.0 ENE 4.6 mi. East-Northeast of Scarborough
Rainbow Waterfall Waterfall 14.4 ENE 7.0 mi. East-Northeast of Scarborough
Highland Waterfall Waterfall 9.6 NE 3.2 mi. North-Northeast of Scarborough
Craig Hall Waterfall Waterfall 9.6 ENE Mason Hall
Fort King George Historical Site 7.9 E Scarborough
Fort George Lighthouse 7.9 E Scarborough
Fort Bennett Historical Site -- -- Black Rock
Crown Point Lighthouse Lighthouse 0.5 SW Crown Point

If you're looking for somewhere interesting to go, Twin Rivers Waterfall might be worth a visit. One of the favored waterfall hikes on the island of Tobago is Twin Rivers because it is beautiful and rewarding without being dangerous or strenuous. The falls were so named because the rive that the falls rain into join with another large tributary shortly after the falls, and it is a magnificent sight to behold.

Nearby Accommodations

When choosing a location to stay in, it's sometimes helpful to learn more about nearby lodging possibilities as a way to better understand the region. You can find no shortage of other destinations to consider prior to making a decision, as this part of Tobago offers travelers a sweeping variety of resorts and hotels to choose from. To find more information about the booking possibilities available in the region, see the following table.

Accommodations near Johnston's
Accommodation Distance Direction Location
Crown Point Beach Hotel 0.1 WSW Crown Point, Tobago
Coco Reef Resort and Spa 0.2 NE Crown Point, Tobago
Hotel Tropikist Beach 0.2 SW Crown Point, Tobago
Kariwak Village Hotel 0.3 ESE Crown Point, Tobago
Sandy Point Village 0.3 WSW Crown Point, Tobago
Toucan Inn 0.5 E Crown Point, Tobago
Conrado Beach Resort 0.6 N 7.2 mi. West of Scarborough, Tobago
Humming Bird Hotel 0.8 E Bon Accord, Tobago
CHIC Hotel 0.9 ENE Bon Accord, Tobago
Canoe Bay Beach Resort 3.0 ESE 5.3 mi. South West of Scarborough, Tobago

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