Things to See and Do While Staying at Man-O-War Bay Cottages

An elaborate menu of recreational amenities is not something every vacationer desires. Thus, though Man-O-War Bay Cottages may not have the widest variety of recreational activities, it may still provide exactly what you're hoping to find.

These cottages are luckily in close proximity to the water, so the absence of a swimming pool on the property is not a concern for most visitors who can quickly walk to the beach for a refreshing swim. In fact, even when they do have access to a pool, many visitors plan to visit the beach often enough that they rarely use the pool during their vacation.

Family Activities

Feel free to bring younger travelers to Man-O-War Bay Cottages, but there aren't very many amenities that are specifically targeted at families. To look instead at some places with more amenities of this sort, take a look at .

Entertainment and Nightlife

These cottages tend to be relatively quiet when the sun goes down. Hence, this is probably not at the top of the list for lodgers that care about after dark entertainment right where they are staying.

In fact, there isn't a nightclub, or even a bar at these cottages, so you'll sleep happily--without crowds of partying guests to wake you.


Active guests vacationing on Trinidad and Tobago will always find some good chances to explore the region. You and your group may decide to head out by yourselves, but you also have of the option to book an expedition through a local tour operator. Regardless of what you end up dong, you'll undoubtedly confront some memorable experiences along the way. Click on these articles for information regarding snorkeling, scuba diving, sightseeing, fishing, shopping, renting a bike or scooter, and other activities you might enjoy.


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