What's Near Manta Lodge

The inviting beaches on Tobago are considered the most enticing outdoor sights that the islands have to offer.

Therefore, most guests are delighted that Manta Lodge is situated directly on the waterfront, so you won't need to travel far to see what makes the area so special.

Nearby Beaches

Obviously, since Manta Lodge is positioned directly on Speyside North, spending time at the shore is popular with guests staying at this property. Speyside is a quite mountain-side fishing village on the north tip of Tobago. Nestled within this village is Speyside North, a calm beach that serves as a wonderful locale for swimming and snorkeling in relative seclusion. For travelers who want some variety, the following options each offer something a little different. Click the name of each one in the table to read our detailed article:

Beaches Near Manta
Beach Distance Direction Location
Man-O-War 1.8 NW Charlotteville
Lover's Beach 2.7 WNW 14.3 mi. Northeast of Scarborough
King's Bay 3.0 SSW Marsh Harbour

Man-O-War is the closest to Manta Lodge. Man-O-War beach, along the northern coast, is one of the quieter, less populated beaches on the island. Part of a small fishing village, the atmosphere is charming and the locals are agreeable, often selling tourists their freshly caught and cleaned fish.

Nearby Areas

Vacationers who want to know a little bit more about what is close by might like to know how far away the nearest town or city is from their location. Manta Lodge is located on the island of Tobago, 0.3 miles north-northeast of Speyside; it is 16.0 miles to the northeast of Scarborough.

The table below lists some of the areas near Manta Lodge.

Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods Nearby
Area Name Distance Direction
Speyside 0.3 SSW
Charlotteville 1.7 NW
Marsh Harbour 3.3 SW
Roxborough 4.8 SW
Bloody Bay 6.5 W
Belle Garden 6.7 SW
Goodwood 9.7 SW
Castara 10.9 W
Moriah 12.9 W
Mason Hall 13.4 WSW

Nearby Attractions

Tobago Forest Reserve

Tourists who are looking to try exciting activities while visiting Tobago will quickly learn that Manta Lodge makes an exceptional starting point for their daily excursions. Yes, this area has countless opportunities for exploration, such as Twin Rivers Waterfall Hiking Trail, Twin Rivers Waterfall, and Green Hill Waterfall Hiking Trail, to name a few. Of the three nearby attractions, the closest is Twin Rivers Waterfall Hiking Trail.

These are just a few of your many options, more of which are listed in the following table.

Attractions Near Manta
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Twin Rivers Waterfall Hiking Trail Hiking Trail -- -- 6.7 mi. Northeast of Scarborough
Twin Rivers Waterfall Waterfall 9.0 SW 7.0 mi. East-Northeast of Scarborough
Green Hill Waterfall Hiking Trail Hiking Trail -- -- 4.6 mi. East-Northeast of Scarborough
Tobago Forest Reserve Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 7.5 WSW 8.7 mi. Northeast of Scarborough
Green Hill Waterfall Waterfall 11.4 SW 4.6 mi. East-Northeast of Scarborough
Rainbow Waterfall Waterfall 9.1 SW 7.0 mi. East-Northeast of Scarborough
Highland Waterfall Waterfall 13.7 WSW 3.2 mi. North-Northeast of Scarborough
Craig Hall Waterfall Waterfall 13.6 WSW Mason Hall
Argyle Waterfall Waterfall 5.2 SW 10.9 mi. East-Northeast of Scarborough

If you're looking for somewhere a little different to visit, Twin Rivers Waterfall is an option worth considering. One of the favored waterfall hikes on the island of Tobago is Twin Rivers because it is beautiful and rewarding without being dangerous or strenuous. The falls were so named because the rive that the falls rain into join with another large tributary shortly after the falls, and it is a magnificent sight to behold.

Nearby Accommodations

Finding information about nearby lodging options is oftentimes a convenient means of getting a better feel for the surrounding area. Although there are only a handful of additional hotel and resort options in this part of Tobago, its quiet surroundings make it an ideal option for those looking to find a peaceful vacation spot. Even so, you'll still be able to encounter more accommodations by heading a few more miles out. The table that follows lists all the booking options that are found in the vicinity.

Accommodations near Manta
Accommodation Distance Direction Location
Speyside Inn 0.1 SW Speyside, Tobago
Blue Waters Inn 0.4 NE 16.3 mi. Northeast of Scarborough, Tobago
Man-O-War Bay Cottages 1.8 NW Charlotteville, Tobago
Naturalist Beach Resort 11.1 W Castara, Tobago
Castara Retreats 11.2 W Castara, Tobago
Cuffie River Retreat 11.9 WSW 4.9 mi. Northeast of Scarborough, Tobago
Footprints Eco Resort 15.1 W 4.1 mi. North of Scarborough, Tobago
Bacolet Beach Club 15.7 SW Bacolet, Tobago
Half Moon Blue Hotel 15.8 SW Bacolet, Tobago
Blue Haven Hotel 15.8 SW Bacolet, Tobago

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