Tobago Transportation Options

Your dream vacation awaits, and there is more than one way to reach Tobago

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Once you've decided on Tobago as your vacation destination, you'll have to choose among several ways to arrive there. You'll find that making your arrival and departure arrangements takes a good deal of planning, but it helps that there are many resources out there to make planning your trip to Tobago as simple as possible.

Air Travel

The most direct way to reach Tobago is to fly into A. N. R. Robinson International Airport which is located about six miles outside of the capital city of Scarborough. As Trinidad's smaller sibling, the airport here receives much of its daily traffic from Piarco International Airport, so expect to make a transfer on the “mainland” first. Be sure to read our Tobago Air Travel Guide for more information including other destintion from which you can plan a connecting flight.


The plausibility of sailing to Tobago has increased dramatically over the years, as improvements to marinas and anchorages make it easier to stay. However, the island is a bit farther from the United States than most Caribbean Islands, and so if you do plan on sailing, be sure to have plenty of supplies and plan the route out extensively. To learn more about sailing to Tobago, including the restrictions and policies, click here.


Just like when flying, cruisers to Trinidad will be able to choose between the islands. Tobago has its own cruise port in Scarborough that handles passengers on a frequent basis. The port here is surrounded by shopping, restaurants, and well within reach of the various attractions Tobago has to offer. Additionally, if you have the time, you will not be far from the ferry dock, from which you can take a ride to Trinidad.

Rental Cars

Renting a car gives you the independence to move around the island on your own schedule, which is important if you hope to explore outside Scarborough. While Tobago is not a particularly large island, much of it is undeveloped. Without your own car, heading to these areas will be very difficult. If you want to learn more about the rates and different companies, click here.


If you are planning on staying in the city, taxis will do just fine as your main source of transportation. You will find them waiting for passengers at the airport and cruise port. Additionally, your hotel will be happy to call for one to pick you up if you need it. Read more about taxi services on Tobago here.


Connecting Tobago to its big sibling Trinidad, ferries are a crucial aspect of the nation's infrastructure. You'll find numerous ferries leaving both islands throughout the day – so much that you really do not have to worry about missing one until nighttime. If you hope to explore all that Trinidad and Tobago has to offer, you are likely to use a ferry at least once. Click here to learn more.

By land, sea, or air, vacationers will find that their trip to Tobago will be an unforgettable experience.


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