Attractions on Tortola

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Tortola is home to the busiest city in the island chain, as well as some of the most peaceful beaches.  From historic plantations to national parks, the attractions that exist on the British Virgin Island of Tortola are so varied that people from around the world with diverse interests can find ways to keep themselves entertained.  


Cane Garden Bay

You will discover a large number of beaches to enjoy on the island. Regardless of whether you'd rather be part of a busy beach scene, or you prefer a more secluded spot, you can find what you want. You can click on each beach name for a detailed article concerning that specific beach.

If you are looking for a place to snorkel, a location offering that option is Marina Cay Beach. This tucked away coastline has velvet soft sand, gentle warm waters and plenty of privacy.

Another top pick for those who enjoy snorkeling is Manchioneel Bay. A long, sweeping crescent shaped beach that's very popular with boaters, you'll enjoy taking walks down to the rocky edges of the beach in the warm Caribbean sun.

Smuggler's Cove: Smuggler's Cove is a secluded beach on Tortola, but is easily accessible by car. The crescent-shaped beach has sugary white sand and the water is stunningly blue.

Needless to say, the area is home to plenty of additional beaches on the island. Navigate to this extended discussion if you'd like to learn more information.

Landmark Attractions

Callwood Historic Distillery

If you are looking to do some sight-seeing, visit VI Maritime Museum. It is situated at H. Lavity Stoutt Community College and situated in eastern Tortola. The VI Maritime Museum strives to preserve the history of sailing in the British Virgin Islands. Exhibits include boat frames, tools used in the traditional building methods of boat building, artifacts from the 1867 ship wreck the RMS Rhone, two fully built traditional wooden seine boats that almost half a century old, and more.

Many travelers also choose to visit Old Government House Museum. It is situated in Road Town, in central Tortola. Visited by many royal figures through time, this location once housed all important government functions and was a residence for the governor. The building deteriorated quickly in the tropical climate and was almost demolished.

1780 Lower Estate Sugar Works Museum: Inside 1780 Lower Estate Sugar Works Museum guests will be treated to a collection of exhibits which display examples of how life was on the island several generations ago. Historical artifacts, relics of daily life, and an exhibit of historic machinery is on display, as is a monthly art selection by a local artist. In addition to culture, the museum also touches on natural history, with a room of photographs discussing animal and plant life throughout the British Virgin Islands.

These are just some of the choices you'll find. To read a more complete discussion of landmarks this specific topic, navigate to this page about landmarks on the island.

Natural Attractions

J.R. O'Neal Botanic Gardens

Visitors who enjoy the natural environment might enjoy visiting Dolphin Discovery Tortola. The experience of a lifetime is waiting for you at Dolphin Discovery, which offers a number of different packages for guests with the ultimate goal of getting you out and swimming with the dolphins.

Another attraction you should consider visiting is Cam Bay National Park. Established as a national park in 1999, Cam Bay is located on the east shore of Gran Camanoe, and is popular amongst sailors because it is known for calm waters. Snorkelers and divers also frequent this spot for the calm waters and shallow reef.

Tortola includes a wider range of natural attractions. To read a more detailed discussion of natural attractions on Tortola, read this page.


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