Cam Bay National Park

Established as a national park in 1999, Cam Bay is located on the east shore of Gran Camanoe, and is popular amongst sailors because it is known for calm waters. Snorkelers and divers also frequent this spot for the calm waters and shallow reef.

Cam Bay National Park is 19.6 acres of area which is home to a shallow reef and lagoon system as well as bird sanctuary. The salt pond attracts migratory wading birds such as American coots, black-necked stilts, blue-winged teals, ruddy ducks, and more. History lovers are also intrigued by this spot due to the pottery shards that date back to 800 A.D. which indicate that there was per-Columbian settlement here.

In addition to the ecological importance of the area, there is evidence of a pre-Colimbian settlement in the ba, as pottery shards discovered in Cam Bay were carbon-dated at 800 A.D.


Located toward the center of the island of Great Camanoe, 6.8 miles northeast of downtown Road Town, Cam Bay National Park happily welcomes customers lodging on this part of the island or nearby. But even if you aren't staying nearby, you should consider dropping by to enjoy a great time. It's 6.6 miles west of Spanish Town.

Nearby Restaurants

And, one of the most exciting possibilities while spending an afternoon exploring the area could be enjoying food at a restaurant within traveling distance of the nature preserve. Pusser's Marina Cay, which serves American food, is also the most convenient option for visitors of this nature preserve. It is maybe about one and an eighth miles away, so stop in and enjoy a meal. Flying Iguana and Last Resort Restaurant The are a couple other dining possibilities in close to this natural attraction where you could experience the flavors of the Virgin Islands, and munch on some tasty cuisine.

Nearby Attractions

Visitors that are a fan of nature preserves, and are interested in visiting others, might check out Mount Healthy National Park and Sage Mountain National Park; the first of which is seven and a half miles to the west of this wildlife reservation. Other nearby attractions include Josiah's Bay Plantation, which is within traveling distance on Tortola. Furthermore, you can think about heading to VI Maritime Museum, which is another nearby attraction.

With the choice of exciting activities nearby, you'll never run out of things to do. Attractions close-by can be found in the following table.

Attractions Near Cam Bay National Park
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Josiah's Bay Plantation Historic Site 4.4 mi. (3.8 km) SW 2.4 mi. Northeast of Road Town
VI Maritime Museum Museum 4.8 mi. (4.0 km) SW 2.5 mi. East of Road Town
St. Phillip's Church Historic Site 5.7 mi. (2.3 km) SW Kingstown
1780 Lower Estate Sugar Works Museum Museum 6.7 mi. (0.7 km) WSW Road Town

More Information


Cam Bay National Park is best visited between sun up and sun down.


There is no charge to explore Cam Bay National Park.

Location: Great Camanoe


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