Nanny Cay

Nanny Cay Beach is on the tip of a peninsula on the south side of Tortola. The Nanny Cay Resort dominates the peninsula and restricts access to the beach.

Located in Nanny Cay, this beach is on the South edge of Tortola. You might want even if you aren't staying very close. Vacationers who want a somewhat serene and secluded beach, that's also not too far from the town's amenities may really like a visit to Nanny Cay. It's just slightly removed from the center of it all, but it also doesn't completely lack a social atmosphere.

Amenities and Ambiance

A popular white sand beach, with a wide strip of sand and a nice crescent shape. A marina is next to the beach so you'll see plenty of boats.

Keep in mind that restrooms won't be found on-site, though you may be able to use the facilities at a nearby business. Luckily, chairs and umbrellas can be used by guests seeking a shaded area to relax.

Nanny Cay with its conveniences can be found well within an area popular among tourist. Taking that into consideration, if you think the amenities influence your decision, naturally, it's a good motivator to show up in the morning prior to when the crowds do or try a beach further away. Or you may find all the amenities being already claimed by other guests.

What's Nearby


Beachgoers will find Nanny Cay on the South coast of Tortola. It's located near Thornton Plantation, which is one of the favorite destinations in the area.

If you want to mix a little culture with your trip to the beach, you might want to consider visiting Old Government House Museum. This museum is located fairly close-by, and might make a nice break from the midday sun.

Beaches are nice for a few hours here and there, but there's plenty else to see during your stay. The following chart includes some other attractions close-by.

Activities and Attractions Near Nanny Cay
Attraction Type Distance Direction Island
Thornton Plantation Historical Site 0.3 mi. WNW Tortola
The Dungeon Historical Site 0.7 mi. WSW Tortola
Fort Charlotte Ruins Historical Site 1.6 mi. NE Tortola
Old Government House Museum Museum 1.8 mi. NE Tortola
Eugene O'Neal Museum Museum 1.9 mi. NE Tortola
Folk Museum Museum 2.0 mi. NE Tortola
Historic Main Street Walk Scenic Trail 2.0 mi. NNE Tortola
Her Majesty's Prison Historical Site 2.1 mi. NE Tortola
Sunday Morning Well Historical Site 2.1 mi. NNE Tortola
Sunny Caribbee Gallery Art Gallery 2.1 mi. NE Tortola
Britannic Hall Historical Site 2.1 mi. NE Tortola
Sir Oliva Georges Plaza Historical Site 2.1 mi. NE Tortola

Cities and Towns

The town of Road Town is close-by and is not lacking in exploration opportunities, yet also not overflowing with buildings. From the beach, Road Town is not far away, about two miles (three and a half kilometers).


The popularity of this spot on any given day can vary, it depends mainly on when you visit, and how many of the nearby hotel rooms have been booked. Typically, you can expect to encounter a fair number of visitors from lodgings in the area.

Since the beach is located in a pretty touristed area, it usually isn't that difficult to find exactly the kind of hotel you're looking for nearby. If you and your party are wanting to find a place that's on or near the ocean, the table that follows lists the closest accommodation options to Nanny Cay.

Accommodations near Nanny Cay
Hotel Distance Direction Island Type
Nanny Cay Marina & Hotel 0.0 mi. N Tortola Resort
Prospect Reef Resort 1.6 mi. NE Tortola Resort
Fort Burt Hotel 1.8 mi. NE Tortola Hotel
Maria Hotel by the Sea 2.1 mi. NE Tortola Hotel
Village Cay Resort & Marina 2.2 mi. NE Tortola Hotel
Agape Cottages 2.4 mi. NW Tortola Cottages
Heritage Inn -- -- Tortola Hotel
Mooring-Mariner Inn -- -- Tortola Hotel
Myett's -- -- Tortola Hotel
Treasure Isle Hotel 2.5 mi. NNE Tortola Hotel


It's no problem if you start to get the munchies while hanging out at Nanny Cay; you'll have your pick of different cuisines and dining styles nearby. The Genaker is one of the closest eateries. This restaurant features eclectic food. When you start to get hungry, you won't need to wait too long to eat since it's just a little ways away.

The table below provides a list of restaurants closest to this beach.

Restaurants near Nanny Cay
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Style Distance Direction
The Genaker (284) 494-2512 Eclectic Informal 0.0 mi. N
Peg Leg Landing (284) 494-0028 Eclectic Informal 0.0 mi. N
Captain Mulligans (284) 494-0602 American Very Casual 0.3 mi. N
Callaloo (284) 494-7600 Caribbean, International Fine Dining -- --
Brisani's At The Reef (284) 494-2593 Caribbean, International -- 1.6 mi. NE
The Pub (284) 494-2608 International Very Casual 1.8 mi. NE
Capriccio di Mare (284) 494-5369 Italian Very Casual 1.9 mi. NE
Pusser's Road Town Pub (284) 494-3897 Caribbean Very Casual 2.0 mi. NE
Midtown Restaurant (284) 494-2764 Caribbean Very Casual -- --
The Dove (284) 494-0313 Asian Fusion, French Fine Dining 2.0 mi. NNE
Palm Terrace (954) 481-8787 -- Fine Dining -- --
Marias Restaurant (284) 494-2595 International Fine Dining 2.1 mi. NE

Other Beaches

Of course, there are lots of other spots along the coast of Tortola, so if Nanny Cay doesn't sound like your type of scene, you have options.

You may also like Brewers Bay Beach, which is generally a pretty popular beach. You'll find it three and a half miles to the north. Brewer's Bay beach on the Ocean Coast is perfect for nature lovers who want to take in the scenery, unless it is high season when all the cruise ships drop off hoards of tourists on its shores. If you'd rather try a more private, less popular location, you might enjoy Cane Garden Bay. It is located only a short distance away.

You may also enjoy Long Bay West, located reasonably close-by, meaning a quick ride in a taxi is an easy option. Long Bay West is a beautiful beach with breathtaking views where travelers can relax in style. The views and sunsets are spectacular and there's plenty of room for sunning, walking, or jogging.

Of course, there are lots of other things to do and see in the Virgin Islands; then again, Nanny Cay is both a refreshing place to relax, and a beautiful natural attraction.


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