Pusser's Marina Cay

Although there are numerous Pusser's outposts throughout the Caribbean, this spot on Marina Cay is a true gem because Pusser's has acquired the entire island, which also includes a small hotel and shop. Guests on the island find Pusser's restaurant to be a friendly and enjoyable place to take a meal while reveling in the beauty that surrounds them.


Though the Pusser's name began to become known through their rum, the restaurant, which serves Caribbean grill favorites, is just as important in the culinary world.

Pusser's Marina Cay is a bar and grill where they proudly serve their take on American cuisine. Expect an atmosphere and service that is informal. They are open for business during lunch only, so make sure to plan your visit around the limited hours they are open.


Visit Pusser’s Marina Cay once and you would never want to leave this tiny flower-filled island. This is one place where food is not all. Splash around in the shallow, calm and warm waters of Marina Cay, an island nuzzling in an emerald green lagoon. As you walk down the soft, white sand beach, watch people snorkelling. You can join in the fun and watch fish that inhabit the coral reef and the lagoon- not a single kind but a riot of colours!


This restaurant is on the premises of Marina Cay Beach, which is located on the island of Marina Cay, 3.2 miles east-northeast of Parham Town; it's six miles (ten kilometers) to the west of Spanish Town.

One pleasant surprise found in the vicinity is Marina Cay Beach, the closest beach, where you can give your feet a well-deserved break.

Nearby Restaurants

For diners in the mood for a restaurant with some similar kinds of food and/or a similar price range, there are quite a few nearby dining spots to choose between, including Red Rock Restaurant & Bar. You'll find it two and a half miles to the south west of this restaurant.

But of course, if you're looking for something different, this section of Marina Cay boasts an excellent list of dining establishments, where you can find all types of flavors and cuisine styles. For instance, you could also consider some other menu items at Last Resort Restaurant The.

Credit Cards and Other Info

Pusser's Marina Cay accepts these credit cards: American Express, Discover, Master Card and Visa.

Contact Info

Location: Marina Cay

Phone: (284) 495-4554

Website: http://www.pussers.com/t-marina-cay.aspx

Email: marinacay@pussers.com


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